Free Magazine for Nintendo Wii Targets Parents and Casual Gaming Crowd

PlayZine digital magazine offers easy-to-read games coverage for parents to help choose suitable games for their home console.

Free Magazine for Nintendo Wii Targets Parents and Casual Gaming Crowd
London, United Kingdom, September 12, 2008 --(, the leading portal for digital games magazines, has announced the launch of PlayZine, a new magazine dedicated to the Nintendo Wii, DS and PSP consoles. Designed to be easy to read and written for casual gamers and parents, the magazine offers no-nonsense advice on upcoming games and honest reviews of recent releases.

Published monthly, PlayZine includes all the information that parents want to know about games, but currently have no way of finding out. As well as the official age rating of a game, the magazine tells you how difficult a game is to play and how long it takes to play it through, so parents can decide whether it is suitable for their children.

“Parents are clamouring for information about which games are suitable for their children, and whether they are worth the money,” explains Publishing Director, Dave Taylor, “but they are not the target market for existing print magazines as they do not want to have to spend sometimes significant amounts of money on a videogames magazine. PlayZine is unique because it offers all the information they need, written in plain English, and offered to them for free.”

Anyone can download PlayZine for free now from

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