Junebug Presents, LLC. Releases the First of Three Trailers for Its First Feature Length, Controversial Film -- "Pro-Black Sheep" (aka "Untitled Black Activist Project")

Award winning, Brooklyn born writer, director, producer Clayton Broomes, Jr. completed "Pro-Black Sheep" in September of 2008 and is now releasing the film's first of three trailers. With the momentum of the most unique presidential election in American history, this film, once going by the working title "Untitled Black Activist Project," promises to provoke much needed dialogue about race relations in America.

New York, NY, October 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Click here to see the trailer.

"Pro-Black Sheep" Synopsis:

The extraordinary intellectual Rashad, an unemployed black activist wannabe, is feeling dejected these days. His fiancée Tamika, a lawyer and an aspiring judge, is fed up with his black radicalism and kindly puts him out of her Manhattan condo, concerned that they are heading in two totally different directions. With no place to go, Rashad reestablishes residence with his mother in the projects but ends up at his Jewish American friend Lazer's house for the night, walking in on a meeting taking place with the Urban/PUSH Alliance, a real black activist organization.

After overhearing their plot to protest the NYPD on behalf of a known murderer from Rashad's projects in Brooklyn, Rashad writes Reverend Blunton, head of the organization, a strongly worded, anonymous email denouncing their efforts. Lazer, who works with Urban/PUSH as legal counsel, detects Rashad's voice behind the email and connects him with Blunton, who offers Rashad a job as his second adviser. Hesitant at first, Rashad seeks out his old high school teacher Mr. Duke who offers some insight on Blunton in exchange for Rashad volunteering as a tutor for one of his failing students named Tyrone. Rashad accepts both jobs.

But what was supposed to be a lucrative position ushering him into the forefront of black activism, along with an unpaid job at helping to mold one of today's misguided youths, turns out to be a journey awakening him to his own need to be true to himself. He tries to use both of his new jobs as an opportunity to express his sincere views about issues but those views are deemed as unpopular in the black community, contradicting Rashad's apparent extreme black empowerment.

His biggest fear is realized when his views perceives him as being a closeted conservative and a sellout by the people around him. So, Rashad tries to bury his feelings deep down under a facade of black extremism and in doing so, becomes part of 'the problem.' However, an unexpected tragedy as a result of actions committed by Rashad and the Alliance forces him to finally take a stand. He must dare to be true to himself if he wants to make a real difference in his own life and the lives of others.

Alfred E. Rutherford
Shannon Foster
Keith Stone
Ellie Foumbi
Michael Bernstein
Christine Tracy
Rob Morgan
Stephen Hill
and Tracy Mazyck

Music Composed by
Allistar D. Peters

Edited by
Clayton Broomes, Jr.

Director of Photography
Clayton Broomes, Jr.

Produced by
Susan Olupitan
and Clayton Broomes, Jr.

Written & Directed by
Clayton Broomes, Jr.

Junebug Presents, LLC.
Clayton Broomes, Jr.