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Nightengale Press Announces Book Launch for FourEver Friends, a Novel by Erica Miner

Studio City Book Launch for this coming of age novel which transcends time to satisfy the Boomers’ yearning for the Sixties and curiosity of Generations X, Generation Jones, and Generation Y about how growing up really was back in the good old days.

Nightengale Press Announces Book Launch for FourEver Friends, a Novel by Erica Miner
Carlsbad, CA, March 07, 2009 --( Nightengale Press Author, Erica Miner has friends in high places. Erica and actress, Rebecca Brunk will be launching Erica’s new book, FourEver Friends (2009) by celebrating the 'birth day' with 'A blast from the past' party and readings by Erica and her actor friends on Wednesday, March 25 from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm at the Left Coast Galleries, Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA.
Boomers lived in a time of social revolution. Young people today think of the Sixties as a bygone era, a time to be relegated to history books and their parents’ cocktail party conversations. But, there is much to learn about those outrageous days.

In FourEver Friends, Erica Miner takes the reader back to the days when JFK gave hope to a new generation at a time when the Internet didn’t exist, when telephones were just changing from rotary dial to touch-tone, when the Jet Age was giving way to the Space Age, when cars guzzled gas, had tailfins, and two-tone paint jobs. Women’s Lib was just discovering the freedom offered by the Pill, and midnight curfews were becoming a thing of the past. Now, the Boomers are retiring. They and their off-spring are a huge audience for this first in a series novel about four teenage girls set in 1960s Detroit.

The challenges facing adolescents of that era are very much the same those teens face today. The friendship of the girls portrayed in FourEver Friends links them not only by their keen devotion to each other but also by their shared passion for classical music.

In her own life, Erica Miner followed her musical passion as a young woman and logged twenty-one years as a violinist with the Metropolitan Opera. She writes what she lived, and with an authenticity that is appealing to every reader. Whether these four friends grow up to reflect the values of “Sex and the City,” or become “Desperate Housewives” will be revealed in the next novels in the series.

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FourEver Friends ISBN: 978-1-933449-73-9 ($15.95) Trade Paper
Author: Erica Miner
Published in 2009 by Nightengale Press
Contact: Valerie Connelly, (847-810-8498)

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