168 Electronic Cigarette Users Give Their Opinions in E Cigarette Direct Survey

In an E Cigarette Direct survey Electronic Cigarette Users voice their opinion on the electronic cigarette, their health, quitting and the upcoming US ban on the device.

Swansea, United Kingdom, June 14, 2009 --(PR.com)-- UK Electronic Cigarette Company E Cigarette Direct has published nearly 170 comments by electronic cigarette users collected during a recent survey.

The majority of the comments were overwhelmingly positive, with some users arguing that their health had improved or that they had been able to stop smoking regular cigarettes.

"We are not arguing that this is definitive scientific proof that the electronic cigarette can help smokers quit, or improve their health. However, along with the research that has taken place in New Zealand, demonstrating that e-cigarettes can reduce cravings and increase nicotine levels in smokers' blood, it does at least show that further research is warranted into the product," stated Jean Rsabridge, managing director of E Cigarette Direct.

In the survey, which was anonymous, many users also expressed outrage at the upcoming ban on the product in America, with one stating:

"It's sad to see that the W.H.O. is against them and the U.S. FDA are considering banning them. It isn't because they are unsafe. Data shows that tobacco use is much worse. It's because smoking is politically incorrect. Anything related to smoking will be balked at by politicians and lawmakers - worldwide."

The comments were made during a survey into e-cigarette users' smoking habits prior to taking up the electronic cigarette, as well as their experience with common smoking ailments after switching.

Although the survey results has not yet been analysed, E Cigarette Direct decided to publish the comments early. The company made this move due to the Tobacco Bill in America, which will shortly be passed into law leading to a defacto ban on the product in the US.

"Throughout the campaign for this bill, e-cigarette users have been sidelined and ignored. We want to give them their voice back," explained Jean. The final results of the survey will be analysed by researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada once the proposed analysis has been approved by an ethics committee.

The comments can be found here: Electronic Cigarette User Feedback. A pdf form of the comments will be supplied to interested parties upon application to E Cigarette Direct.

E Cigarette Direct is an online UK Electronic Cigarette retailer which supplies the electronic cigarette, cigar and pipe to the UK, the US and to other locations all over the world.

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