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A review in the Journal of the American Medical Association has positively recommended "Your health in the Information Age," a new book written by Peter Yellowlees MD, as an academic and insightful look into the exciting and nascent world of online health care.

Sacramento, CA, July 08, 2009 --( “Your Health in the Information Age is an academic and insightful look into the exciting and nascent world of online health care. Whatever your views on the flaws and failures of the US health care system, you have to admit that things are changing. Make no mistake: online care is a game changer." JAMA review

Are you sure you are getting the best treatment? Would you like to investigate alternative therapies? Do you understand the significance of your symptoms? Do you understand why you are taking your medications?

"This book takes on the monumental task of offering an excellent exploration of the exponentially expanding world of e-health for readers already searching health information on the Internet, as well as for relative newbies." JAMA review

"Your Health in the Information Age” is a fascinating new book that shows patients how to use the Internet effectively so that they can work more closely with their doctors. Are you one of the 10 million Americans who search for health information on the Internet for themselves or for loved ones every single day? Are you part of the 40% of Americans who are able to email their doctors, or are you one of the 80% who want to do this, but can't.

5 Top Tips for Patients from "Your Health in the Information Age"

1. Find out where to look for treatment guidelines to make sure you are getting the most up to date treatment.
2. Discover how to be part of a clinical trial by searching national databases of available clinical trials
3. Improve your relationship with your doctor by going online and asking about services you may be able to recieve, such as e-prescribing.
4. Find out the best way of approaching your doctor online, and learn about “netiquette”.
5. Are you a “cyberchondriac” or an internet addict? Test yourself, and find solutions.

About the author
Peter Yellowlees MD is Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Health Informatics Program at the University of California Davis. He has lived in England, Australia and the USA and is an internationally recognized expert in health on the Internet and his current projects involve virtual reality using Second Life, telemedicine, email and video consulting and bioterrorism responses. He has written over 150 scientific articles and four books, has lectured in more than 20 countries, and has undertaken many media interviews. He lives with his wife Barb, in Sacramento, California.

"Your Health in the Information Age" is available through Amazon and most online bookstores.

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