Oil and Gas Mineral/Production Buyer

Kite Energy is seeking any oil and gas mineral or production opportunity for purchase in the USA. They can make an offer within a short period of time once they have all the information to evaluate. They are specially interested in producing properties with upside potential in the range of 100,000,000.00 US dollars plus.

Longview, TX, July 12, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Kite Energy desires to purchase oil and gas properties. If a company, trust, or individual etc. have any properties for sell, please let them know. Kite Energy will have a quick answer one way or the other for a possible purchase. Kite Energy would like to be added on any and all bid list with any entity. Kite Energy's goal is to own oil and gas properties in all of the emerging shale plays in the USA. Kite Energy is focusing primarily in Texas and Lousisiana however Kite Energy will examine any opportunity in any other states in the USA. Kite Energy's goal is to have in excess of one billion dollars in oil and gas properties within the near future.

Kite Energy, LLC
Jeff Thomas
903 4319037