Insights with host Hugh Downs Launches Elite Retreats

Series on Elite Travel Destinations Scheduled for Upcoming Segments.

Boca Raton, FL, August 05, 2009 --( Insights is producing a new series on Elite Retreats focusing on all aspects of family, personal, and business vacationing.

The U.S. Travel Association announced that S. 1023, the "Travel Promotion Act", now has the support of half the U.S. Senate. The bill will create thousands of new jobs and spur economic growth by attracting millions of additional international travelers to the United States. Travel is on the rise. “Through …promotion, we’re looking to remind people of the many remarkable destinations around the country, and heighten the appreciation for travel as being vital to both our well-being and the strength of our economy,” said Roger Dow, President and Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Travel Association.

The Insights’ Executive Producer commented, “The travel industry is not hitting a low but is climbing in our current economy. Even in our economically stressful time, consumers are looking to get away and retreat for a time in order to become energized again. But they are also being very choosy about which travel destinations they visit. They seem to be looking for more “elite destinations” than simply going on vacation. With the American Populous looking to spend money where they get the most for their dollar, you find them becoming savvy shoppers. This is especially true in looking for the perfect combination between “vacationing” and “a retreat.” In this series, we will be exploring how those two aspects merge together. We want to look at the best that retreats of all kinds have to offer.”

Elite Retreats will be part of the Insights series and will explore all kinds of travel retreats – from adventure travel, to resorts, even family fun vacations. The series will be part of the Insights series focusing on stories that are most helpful for consumer education and contain the best expert advice.

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