I Do Tattoo™, the Wedding Industry's Answer to "Something Blue"

I Do Tattoo™ is the answer to, “What to wear for Something Blue?” A pair of temporary tattoos, custom designed by a specialty artist, arrive in a sleek blue case that also serves as a memento for wedding day memories - be it a photo or the wedding invitation - and also houses a screened print of the bride's chosen design.

Montcalir, NJ, September 05, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Perfect for brides who want a fresh twist on tradition or those who are bored by the Something Blues of yesteryear, I Do Tattoo™ is a fun way for the bride to remember her special day.

Founded by media veteran Debbie Franchi, I Do Tattoo™ also serves as a bride's Something Remembered. The blue case, exclusive to I Do Tattoo™, serves as a token of appreciation for days, months or years after the big day. A bride can relive her wedding day memories - including that of her Something Blue.

With tattoos increasing in popularity and the concept of customized weddings becoming more and more common, I Do Tattoo™ fills the niche for the bride who's looking for something out of the box and as unique as she is. With a complimentary trial tattoo for the bride to test the perfect spot for placement of I Do Tattoo™, as well as instructions for removal, a bride can feel confident that the placement of her I Do Tattoo™ for her actual event will be picture perfect. “The day may come and go,” Ms. Franchi points out, “but the memories last forever.”

The idea for I Do Tattoo™ was a two-fold process. Franchi points out that one in three Generation X women - the majority of whom make up today's brides, according to Debbie - have permanent tattoos. “They're fun, they're hip, they're trendy,” she says. Franchi also points out the keepsake case, also blue, which houses a photo frame for a wedding photo and a screen print of the actual tattoo design the bride wore on her wedding day. “This way,” Franchi remarked, “the bride can pull the box out at a later date and remember her Something Blue.”

I Do Tattoo™ can be found online at http://www.idotattoos.com, or ordered by phone at (973) 837-6835. For more information about I Do Tattoo™ or to schedule an interview with Debbie Franchi, please contact Maria Cucciniello at (973) 707-7125 or maria@thehipevent.com.

With wedding season in full swing, Debbie is having fun reliving her own marriage memories while helping brides pick their perfect I Do Tattoo™ design for their big days. “After all,” she says, “shouldn't your Something Blue be Something Remembered?

“There's an emotional benefit to brides when they pick their Something Blue. I realized there had to be other women out there, who, just like me, couldn't remember what their Something Blue was. There weren't many choices that a bride could wear at her discretion.”

When it was time for Franchi to marry, the options for her Something Blue accessory were rather disappointing: her choices included blue garters, blue jewelry, blue shoes and blue purses - even blue underpants. Nothing in particular stood out to her; nothing seemed too special. Most certainly, this was not the stuff that little girls dream of. As a bride who was not a girl, but as a woman, Franchi felt she deserved more. “After all,” Debbie points out, “you only marry once.”

After a fast-track, multi-coastal career as a go-to media maven for large clients like Kodak, Apple and Elizabeth Arden, Franchi slowed her heels to start a family and settled in the New York City area. While she was busy balancing time between her family and career, the entrepreneurial wheels in her head were quickly spinning - with matrimonial bliss still on the brain. The mother of two knew the bridal bug had bitten once again, and decided to leave her lucrative job in advertising to pursue this project on her own.

I Do Tattoo
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