Brothersoft Survey Reveals Social Games Phenomenon

Survey by Brothersoft provides insight into social gaming; utilization of third-party gaming tools is increasing dramatically.

Brothersoft Survey Reveals Social Games Phenomenon
Beijing, China, March 16, 2010 --( Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, today unveiled the results of a new survey targeting social gamers. Based on the responses of thousands of global social game players who often downloaded and used tools, 70% of survey respondents agreed that they use social game tools in order to save time and effort, and about 62% of social game players familiarize themselves with and use these tools at the referral of their friends. Furthermore, 43% of social gaming players think that using these tools may have an effect on the quality of fun related to the game and 56% of people hope that the appropriate measures are taken in order to avoid these tools affecting the fairness of a game.

Social gaming is a popular activity among most social networks. Simple and easy to play, social games such as FarmVille allow players to cultivate farms, harvest crops, make new friends and so on. In these games, people can meet their needs in the virtual world; strengthen relationships with friends, and help release pressure from both work and life.

Brothersoft’s survey found that the downloading trend of social game tools is growing dramatically. For example, the following Farmville Magic Tools, Farmville Farming Extreme Manager and Farmville Farm Helper and others similar tools are attracting millions of people to play. An attractive feature of these tools has been largely targeted at the fast and effective operation and management of the games.

Players need to consider time, energy and other issues when they throw themselves into social gaming. These tools can help players save time and energy, meet their addiction to steal vegetables by automatic operation, and enhance their experience and level status quickly. Another significant feature is access to a huge social network. Players can help each other, share their feelings and satisfy their aspirations all while playing the game. In this face-paced world, these games help people keep up to date and in touch with friends. Players have a hard time abandoning the game, so social game tools are a fast and effective way to help them with the gaming.

Social games are becoming more and more popular around the world and this has contributed to the rapid development of third-party gaming tools. Brothersoft does not encourage people to use social gaming tools; however hopes that people will have a positive attitude to enjoy a fun social gaming experience and share this fun with friends.

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Brothersoft Survey Reveals Social Games Phenomenon

Brothersoft Survey Reveals Social Games Phenomenon

Survey by Brothersoft provides insight into social gaming, utilization of third-party gaming tools is increasing dramatically.