Murder by Magic or Wishful Thinking?

New fantasy/mystery by author K. Crumley

Pittsburgh, PA, February 07, 2010 --( Dragondreamz Publications, an independent publishing imprint, releases a unique cross-genre novella by writer K. Crumley.

Prima Ballerina Maevis Etherwood returned home late one night to find her husband in bed with a young starlet…what happened later remains a mystery, even to Maevis herself.

The next morning, the husband and his mistress were found dead, and Maevis lay unconscious on the floor. Detectives working the case are baffled by the lack of physical evidence in the case. But what they don’t realize is that Maevis Etherwood is, in fact, a faerie who is losing control of her magic. Even the slightest thought could become reality. Could she really be guilty of Wishful thinking?

Ms. Crumley’s second release is published by Dragondreamz Publications, a new independent publishing imprint of fantasy, horror and mystery.

K. Crumley
430 Bechman Street, Springdale PA 15144

Dragondreamz Publications
Karen L. Hansen