Insight HD with Host Hugh Downs Produces 21st Century Christian Leaders Series

Boca Raton, FL, February 10, 2010 --( Raising up leaders has historically been something that America does well. In the Christian ministry there is a great need not only to raise up good leaders, but to raise up wise leaders for the good of the Christian faith. Wise leaders follow biblical standards. It is with this in mind that a new series is being produced on how those students are shaped into the leaders of tomorrow. The senior producer of this new series for Insight HD said, “In every industry of the world leaders rise up. Many times they rise as a result of their own will and stamina and a need to overcome their environment to shine before others as a leader of some cause. With this new series we not only want to highlight those with resolve like John Calvin or Martin Luther who overcame great odds and obstacles to lead the church, but also how 21st century schools, academies, organizations and churches are raising up biblically sound christian leaders today.”

The executive producer of the series said, “In a day when the emergent church is taking over, we need more leaders who can stand steadfast in the truth of the Bible and plant churches and schools that glorify the God of the Bible. In a microwave generation that likes things fast, politically correct and palatable to the culture of the day, we need more leaders to be raised up that will stand steadfast in the truth no matter how difficult the future may seem, or how much opposition they may receive from inside or outside established religion.”

This new series will be focusing in on various organizations and academic institutions that lend a hand to bringing to light the proper methods and methods to raising up 21st century christian leaders.

About Insight HD Hugh Downs:

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