Vacation Property Rental Rate Calculator

Helps Homeowners and other Property Owners Set Optimal Rental Rates.

Montreal, Canada, February 16, 2010 --(, a worldwide vacation rentals Website that specializes in connecting vacation home rentals by owners and managers with vacationers, is helping homeowners and other property owners and managers to increase their annual income by assisting them with the challenging task of rate-setting. The Website features an easy-to-use online Vacation Property Rental Rate Calculator – a must in every rental manager’s arsenal.

Whether a property owner is an old hand at renting out a vacation property or is just getting started in the vacation rental business, setting rental rates is a critical part of his or her job – albeit not one of the easiest or most pleasant. He is constantly wondering whether he has set the proper rental rate for the vacation rental market in his specific area. He worries that his rates may be too high and could be chasing away potential renters. Or, on the other hand, that they are too low and that he might be leaving good money on the table. Or worse, that his rates are putting him in the red.

The online Vacation Property Rental Rate Calculator is very straightforward – an owner simply plugs in the numbers requested by the tool and the rate calculator instantly figures out what rental rates he should be charging in a particular region in order to cover his property-related expenses and make a decent profit. It also tells him whether his current rental rates are causing him to take a loss.

“We built this online calculator tool after hearing from homeowners and other property owners and managers, with properties registered on our Website, that rate-setting is one of their biggest headaches. From the great feedback received since we launched the tool, it looks like the calculator is relieving some of the stress of managing vacation properties, that it’s helping owners manage their vacation rental business more professionally, and especially, that it’s helping them bring in more annual income.“
– Christian Letourneau, CEO,

Christian Letourneau