Released Free Edition of the Sci-Fi Ebook "The Alpha Centauri Project – Thinking Worlds"

Author Marco Santini has gladdened his fans by publishing a free edition of his SF novel "The Alpha Centauri project." The work is downloadable from the writer’s website.

Released Free Edition of the Sci-Fi Ebook "The Alpha Centauri Project – Thinking Worlds"
Milan, Italy, March 09, 2010 --( Mr. Santini declares: "I have always dreamt to share the contents of The Alpha Centauri Project with the largest audience. I believe this is the kind of work that can make people reflect on great themes and even change their perspectives."

Diego Della Palma, a distinguished opinion leader and writer, states in his foreword to the Italian edition: "The Alpha Centauri project has made me "feel" a quivering. I could draw these situations in perspective and appreciate these themes unthinkable for me."

Marco Santini explains: "This cyberpunk science fiction novel portrays the effects of emerging technologies on human life. Mind digitalization and artificial intelligences, topics belonging to science fiction, turn out to be instruments to investigate human existence, means to evaluate our values and weaknesses. But what attracts me most of all, is the reflection about our current civilization, facing critical issues like the concepts of Good and Bad, the relativity of ethics and its impact on human decisions. I believe that this awareness is a prerequisite to choose sensibly among the several alternatives that high-tech is unfolding."

The author ends: "While writing, I went beyond, wondering about the values and scopes of a civilization evolved well beyond human limits. Only after reading and re-reading this novel, I realized that the consequent change of perspective can justify by itself the whole work."

The paperbacks and the e-books in English, French and Italian can be found on and online book stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

An overview of the novel as well as the free ebook are available on the Author’s website

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Marco Santini is an engineer and an MBA with past experience in research, finance and general management. His novel "The Alpha Centauri project" is both a reflection on human existence and an act of trust in the ability of Mankind to manage future challenges.
Marco Santini
+39 349 6006559