inXitu, Inc. Relocates to Larger Facilities

As a result of its recent growth, this award winning manufacturer of field portable analytical instruments has moved to a new larger manufacturing facility.

inXitu, Inc. Relocates to Larger Facilities
Campbell, CA, March 26, 2010 --( Following the introduction of its flagship field portable X-ray diffractometer, Terra, in 2009, inXitu has grown considerably. This growth has resulted in the company moving to a larger manufacturing center in Campbell, California. Now located at 550 Division Street, Campbell, CA 95008, the new facility will allow the company to continue to meet the increased demand of its award winning products.

inXitu Inc. is a leader in portable XRD/XRF based instrumentation specializing in developing the technologies required to enable the next generation of scientific instruments used for materials analysis. The technology used in its portable rock and mineral analyzer received a prestigious R&D 100 award and was chosen to fly on the Mars Science Laboratory rover scheduled for launch in 2011.

The powder handling methods can dramatically improve the quality of XRD data while reducing the requirements for sample preparation. inXitu’s patented technique makes possible quality XRD data to be collected regardless of the grain size of the sample. Grain sizes up to 400 um have been tested producing data normally obtained with micron size particles.

Incorporating key technologies from its portable XRD instrument and advanced sample handling techniques, inXitu has developed solutions targeted for identification and analysis in the areas of material analysis, pharmaceuticals, forensics, art and archaeological materials. This new line of instruments offers performance comparable to laboratory XRD systems with the benefit of ease of use, significantly reduced sample preparation and reduced cost of acquisition and operation.

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