Determined Investment Company Plans to Make West End of Atlanta a Desirable Intown Location for Home Buyers and Local Businesses

Determined Investment Company Plans to Make West End of Atlanta a Desirable Intown Location for Home Buyers and Local Businesses
Atlanta, GA, April 14, 2010 --( The company Sterling Property Holdings, Inc (SPH, Inc.) is truly determined to turn things around in West End Atlanta. The Marietta based real estate investment company headed by CEO Lionel Sterling has large aspirations of changing the appeal of Atlanta's intown West End. "The West End of Atlanta has some historically beautiful homes that have been neglected throughout the years. Once these homes are given the TLC needed, they will bring back the original charm that was always deemed for these properties," says Lionel Sterling. The team at Sterling Property Holdings, Inc. believes that the renovation of these homes will restore both the properties themselves along with bringing back a sense of pride and luster into the neighborhood they reside in. "We've personally selectively purchased, renovated, and sold numerous homes within the West End area and have seen young professionals come back into the community. It's been said by many that have bought our Sterling homes that they hope we continue to revitalize the homes in the area, as they would love to see their friends and family as future neighbors."

The West End of Atlanta is within a fantastic area of intown. It's located near downtown fine shopping and restaurants, along with easy access to major highways. Regardless of its prime location, the area has seen declining values in home sales over the past few years. Much of the decline has been caused by previous unscrupulous investors which saw these properties as nothing more than dollar signs. "Investors came into these areas in the past doing horrible renovations, getting fraudulent appraisal values, and cashing out with large sums of money only to leave the banks and the people within the community holding the bag." Sterling's comment has been easily seen as views of boarded up houses and foreclosure signs riddled these neighborhoods at one time. Recently however, things have been beginning to change due to companies like SPH, Inc. forging ahead to restore these homes. Sterling says "Good bye to the days of simple laminate flooring in these homes. We're offering our buyers some of the best amenities in our properties. We've been putting in cherry oak cabinets, island kitchens, granite counter tops, designer tiled baths and more. We believe that by giving the new homeowner the best their money could buy they will love their home and reap the benefit of property home appreciation in the future." The company's renovated products have often sold very quickly, and has been a contributing factor in increasing property values in the area. SPH believes that once young professionals return to the community, businesses will follow. "It's already been seen that several companies have recognized the opportunity that exists within the area, as new business doors have opened within the community."

Sterling Property Holdings, Inc.
Mike Abrams