Travelhost, Inc. Announces 5-Year Agreement with Tel West Network Services

In furtherance of its commitment to growth and transformation into multi-platform publishing, TRAVELHOST entered into a long-term agreement with Tel West Network Services to insure the future quality, processing speed, and connectivity reliability of its its data systems infrastructure.

Dallas, TX, May 21, 2010 --( TRAVELHOST Fulfills its “Need for Speed” with DS3

As part of its continued growth and transformation into multi-platform publishing, TRAVELHOST, a national travel magazine, announces a 5-year contract agreement with Tel West Network Services for an improved telephone and Internet data connection which will increase bandwidth 28 times the current speed.

These upgraded services include a DS3 (Digital Signal level 3), also referred to as a T3, Internet data connection to be operational by August 19, 2010. This DS3 will provide a 45 megabits/second bandwidth connection for both upload and download connectivity (compared to approximately 6 megabits/second for home download speeds). Associated with these services is an increased QOS (Quality of Service) guarantee through an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for the connections.

The Multimedia staff at TRAVELHOST will experience the most dramatic improvement including faster uploads of ads created for their Associate Publisher’s and their business clients, shortened download times for processing both on-line and traditional magazine publications using the TRAVELHOST Publication Builder (a proprietary publishing software), and the ability to download multiple files concurrently versus sequentially. This will mean faster turnaround times for many of the services they provide to their Associate Publishers across North America. Another improvement will include better disaster recovery options for their hosted web servers.

The commitment to a long-term agreement by TRAVELHOST with Tel West Network Services is to ensure the company can rely on accelerated improvement and measureable benefits to its systems infrastructure. Among the possible future systems are an expansive repository for image files, continued enhancement to the disaster recovery plan program for TRAVELHOST headquarters, and the ability to offer more multi-media options in the form of webinars, video-conferencing, and complete broadcast production to their ever-growing audience.

TRAVELHOST looks forward to its new relationship with Tel West Network Services, as both companies share a common similarity to be “#1 in their industry” and as they work together to serve their customer’s needs.

Founded and headquartered in Dallas, Texas USA since 1967 – TRAVELHOST ( is represented through independent Associate Publishers throughout the U.S. TRAVELHOST Magazine is distributed “in-room” in America’s leading hotels daily by countless housekeepers – serving 150 million travelers annually “on-line” via and “on the go” with mobile devices.

About Tel West Network Services
Tel West Network Services Corporation ( is a facilities-based Internet, data and voice communications provider that specializes in cost-effective dedicated circuits for small, medium and enterprise businesses. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the company’s local network presence spans 6 major metropolitan areas including: Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, and Corpus Christi. Tel West Network Services has been leading the way as a stable, inexpensive alternative to local telephone monopolies within the markets that we serve.

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