Source-Omega’s Pure One Untouched by Seawater Pollution, Not Now, Not Ever

For years, the lack of fish odor or reflux taste has led many people to microalgae oil instead of fish oil as a source for omega-3s. Another feature of microalgae oil is now more important than ever — it is not touched by any ocean, now or ever.

Source-Omega’s Pure One Untouched by Seawater Pollution, Not Now, Not Ever
Chapel Hill, NC, July 07, 2010 --( Pure-One™, manufactured by North Carolina-based Source-Omega, is actually the same DHA-rich algae oil eaten by ocean fish. But instead of being distilled from fish oil, it is produced in enclosed culture systems, on land, without any pollution. It is the only plant-based vegan source of both EPA and DHA omega-3 made in the USA.

Fish oil supplements are considered safe only after being decontaminated. “No fish are involved in the production of Pure-One,” said Scott Doughman, Ph.D., president and chief scientist at Source Omega. “There is no seawater contact, no pollution, no impurities in the growing process.”

This purity is especially valuable now. The massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico not only adds petroleum to the sea water, but the chemical dispersants used to fight oil spills may cause equal contamination. These concerns are now added to long-standing concern about mercury pollution, which are as critical as ever.

A study published in June 2010 in Nature Geoscience demonstrates that methyl-mercury pollution lasts longer in oceans than in fresh water because of the sea salt. Mercury interferes with the brain and nervous system. The impact of chemicals from the oil spill is not yet known.

These concerns are absent from Pure One™. Because Pure One™ comes straight from algae rather than from fish, said Dr. Doughman, it meets the standard for infant formula. It is free of allergens, hexane, dye, and all toxins. Even kosher certification will be offered for Pure One™ in the near future, he said.

“This makes the oil good for those with sensitive digestion, diabetics, and the very young and the very old,” he said.

Pure-One™ is safe and effective, stable and sustainable. No species of fish are depleted in its production. Because it comes from the same source, Pure One™ algae oil has the same omega-3s as fish oil, but with a ratio that matches the composition of the human body. Research shows that it has positive effects on both heart and brain health, without the risk.

Source-Omega is located near the Research Triangle Park and was founded in 2007 for specializing in the manufacturing, branding, and globalization of algae oil nutritional products as an exclusive distributor of the brand name Pure One™, Next Generation Plant Based Omega-3™ for their Omega-3 DHA Therapy™, for clinics offering triglyceride lowering plasma lipids management programs and for pregnancy, nursing and family care. Dr. Scott Doughman, Ph.D. Phone: +19193605275, Web: and

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