Trucking Anthem Song and CD Title, "When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll" Joins Trucking Radio Internet Host Allen Smith for a "Live" CD Release Party

Internet radio show host, Allen Smith, of Truth About Trucking "Live" joins forces with song writers David Ayers and Barry Allen of Allen & Ayers Productions, to promote and celebrate the release of "When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll," one of the most powerful and influential trucking CD's to be released in decades. Ayers and Allen have been seen on Fox News, CNN, The NY Times, Cox news, as well as numerous other media, and will be on the air "Live" on August 18th to share the release of their CD.

Trucking Anthem Song and CD Title, "When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll" Joins Trucking Radio Internet Host Allen Smith for a "Live" CD Release Party
Dunnellon, FL, August 16, 2010 --( The eye catching title of the CD was created after the hit song, "When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll," which debuted in April of 2008 during the famous trucking fuel protest convoy to Washington DC. The song has since been played at many other trucking rallies nationwide and has been referred to as the "Truckers Anthem." Not since songs like "Convoy" and "Teddy Bear" has a trucking song attracted so many people from so many walks of life, supporting and cheering for truck drivers as people everywhere have come to the realization that "without trucks, America stops."

The trucking industry has undergone very dramatic changes over the years, including: deregulation, laws and mandates, CDL training requirements, EPA regulations, and of course increased fuel prices. The new CD addresses many of these changes and how they affect the life and lifestyle of the modern day truck driver. Song artist, John Johnson, has been able to capture the emotion and feelings of drivers through the lyrics of Ayers and Allen, and also through his own powerful and passionate voice. The diversity of music on "When the Big Rig’s Don’t Roll" includes country, blues, spiritual, and blue grass, combing trucking issues, romance, and humor while representing real aspects of modern life and experiences.

Another song on the CD, "Say a Prayer for Jason," has become almost an overnight success as it addresses the drastic need for more available safe truck parking. The song is about slain truck driver Jason Rivenburg and his forced decision to park at an abandoned gas station in order to rest for the evening. Jason was then murdered for a mere seven dollars and left behind a wife, newborn twins (born shortly after his death) and a 2 year old son Joshua. His wife Hope has been relentlessly pursuing the passing of Jason’s Law which was originally introduced to the House by Congressman Paul Tonko of New York State as bill HR 2156. Senator Charles Schumer, also of NY, presented a similar bill to the senate, S970.

Jason’s Law will ensure the continuous development and support of more safe and adequate truck parking by introducing a 6 year pilot program totaling 120 million dollars, accessed from funds already existing from collected fuel tax dollars.

This song and the movement of Jason’s Law has accomplished something that nothing else has ever been able to accomplish within the trucking industry: the ability for all aspects and entities of trucking to join together and agree in unison upon something; The need for more safe and adequate truck parking.

The ATA, OOIDA, the OOU, and the Teamsters, along with trucking websites and blogs, and drivers from all over the country, have united in one voice, expressing their desire for the Passing of Jason’s Law.

David Ayers, Barry Allen, and song artist John Johnson will be attending the Great American Trucking Show (GATS) in Dallas, Texas during the last weekend in August, with fans everywhere anticipating a live performance on Friday night August 27th, 2010 by John Johnson.

On Wednesday, August 18th, Allen Smith of Truth About Trucking Live, will be airing a live CD Release Party for “When the Big Rigs Don’t Roll.” Guests will include song writers David Ayers and Barry Allen, Hope Rivenburg, and Richie Acosta, who supplied the enormously popular front cover image of the CD. Guest and callers will be able to interact live through the internet and via their phones, being able to ask questions, win Free CD's, and listen to the stories behind the scenes of this legendary CD release, "When the Big Rig’s Don’t Roll."

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When the Big Rigs Don't Roll-Back Cover

When the Big Rigs Don't Roll-Back Cover

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