Take Advantage of the Solar Hot Water Rebates While You Still Can, Warns Melbourne Company, Solar Flow

State and Federal incentives for installing solar hot water systems in Victoria are running out soon.

Melbourne, Australia, November 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- If Victorian residents are thinking about installing a solar hot water system, now is the time. State rebates are scheduled to finish by June 30, 2011 and Federal rebates could expire at anytime as it is funded from year to year. While these time periods may seem quite far in the distance, it really is not very long to take advantage of these rebates.

The time it takes to fact find, compare quotes, consider the options and organise the installation of a solar hot water system that qualifies for the state and federal rebates and incentive programs, a few months will have passed by. Depending on location and proximity to the necessary materials, it may take even longer. Residents must not make the mistake of assuming they will be the only ones trying to switch over before the rebate programs end.

Solar Flow, a Melbourne based company dedicated to providing households around Melbourne with solar hot water systems, points out that by switching from a conventional hot water system to a solar system, households will not only cut down on greenhouse gas emissions; they can also reduce their household energy use substantially by up to 75 per cent in some cases.

Victorian households, switching from gas and electric to solar power for their hot water needs, can cash in on some substantial rebates. Depending on the specifics of the professionally installed system, rebates and other point of sale discounts can range from $1500 to $2,500 in metropolitan Melbourne, and from $1500 to $,2800 in regional Victoria. Rebates are based on the size of the solar hot water system, the amount of collector area on the roof and its efficiency in storage and use. The higher the solar contribution of your system the more substantial the rebate will be.

An expert in the field, Solar Flow also wants to make consumers aware that solar hot water systems have evolved in design. Models with evacuated tubes will even suit the complicated Melbourne climate. As the demand is growing, manufacturers improve the quality and variety of their products. With increased competition in the solar market, the price of the solar hot water Melbourne units and their installation is dropping rapidly. Switching to solar hot water heaters can make quite a difference in your utility bill, especially when the systems are installed by a dealer who is recognized by the authorities.

Tim Prohasky, Director of Solar Flow, is quite aware that great customer service can help the consumer save even more. “We obtain a detailed understanding of the customer’s hot water use to help size a correct system. During our site visit we produce an accurate quote that covers both supply and installation costs. We also process all the rebates for the customer which removes the headaches of dealing with third parties.” Because the company buys their products direct, they can keep the overall cost down, which helps the environmentally concerned consumer.

“Solar Flow works closely with home owners, builders and architects to design, supply and install solar hot water systems that meet the customer’s hot water requirements. Fitting eco-friendly customers with highly efficient and great quality products, will also insulate them against future prices rises in energy costs,” said Mr. Prohasky Director of Solar Flow.

According to data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, prices for electricity have increased in Melbourne by 56.8 per cent since 2005. This raises the question: “How much more will they rise in the coming 5 years?”

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