Political Unrest in the Middle East Causes Oil Prices to Rise Dramatically in the Latest News of Energy Digital

San Diego, CA, March 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- In an interview with Energy Digital, an insider of the Middle East explains the tension that is causing oil prices to rise, while leaving countries to re-think their offshore positions.

Oil controversies have made constant news beginning in the early 1900s. Having most of the world’s economic superpowers linked to oil, it’s no surprise there has been a high interest surrounding the Middle East.

With recent uprisings and overthrowing of government officials, now more than ever the issue of oil is vast. With Algeria, Libya, Bahrain and Egypt supplying over one-third of the world’s oil and approximately one-fifth of its natural gas, the political instability of these countries are more important now than ever.

Energy Digital continues to explore the uncertainty of the Middle East as issues arise.

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