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BESI's 15-Month Old BETA Home Proves Solution for Chinese Drywall Remediation Works

The Building Envelope Science Institute releases results of a 15-month old BETA home that contained defective Chinese drywall that was remediated using the protocol taught by the institute. Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis results indicate no corrosion products on post remediation copper samples.

BESI's 15-Month Old BETA Home Proves Solution for Chinese Drywall Remediation Works
Gainesville, FL, March 18, 2011 --( The Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) has completed a third and final post remediation analysis for corrosion for one of the first homes that was remediated utilizing the protocol taught through the institute. The BETA home is located in Lutz, Florida and the initial inspection was conducted September, 2009 by U.S. Building Consultants resulting in positive identification of drywall made in China and evidence of the typical corrosion effects from off-gassing of the defective drywall. For verification, laboratory analysis was performed by AssuredBio, and the results were “congruent” or consistent with the characteristics and peaks identified in defective (corrosive) drywall.

In October, 2009, Drywall Disaster of Florida (Cape Coral) began the remediation process on the BETA home and the family moved back into their home March, 2010. Three sets of copper test strips or copper wire were placed in different locations prior to the rebuilding and one set was removed from each location at different intervals to show progressive time analysis for corrosion. Each sample set was sent to E & S Consulting (Metallurgical & Materials Science Engineering) for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis. The final samples were sent for analysis in February, 2011; the resulting report detected copper and oxygen, no corrosive products were found on the samples. The white paper will be available on the Institute’s website in the coming weeks.

The Building Envelope Science Institute has been leading the way for inspection and remediation of structures with defective drywall since introducing one of the first protocols in October, 2009, providing solutions to the defective drywall crisis that has affected owners in 43 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, and Puerto Rico. The institute remains the leader in the industry for providing comprehensive, relevant education and certification for qualified individuals through its commitment to investigate new methods, techniques, science or products that may provide valid relief for those owners effected by the Defective Drywall. According to Scott "Spiderman" Mulholland of U S Building Consultants, "This crisis appears to be lacking a response by the Obama administration or Congress to provide a solution."

The protocol presented by BESI was developed to help owners, insurance companies, investors, financial institutes, and builders recover from the stigma of having defective (corrosive) drywall. It’s good to know that if one's home was remediated under this protocol that it would not require additional work in order to meet the CPSC/HUD revised interim guidance or to be aligned with the court’s ruling (MDL-2047).

This is the most comprehensive training offered and covers topics such as inspection/identification techniques, corrosion, cross-contamination of building materials and personal belongings, multiple remediation methods, warranty programs, scientific data, and removal of the stigma from having defective drywall. Graduates are given the opportunity to qualify their work for a 10-year warranty which provides coverage for up to $500,000. This two-day course is accepted by the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) for sixteen (16) recertification credits (Registration #10092301).

About BESI: Building Envelope Science Institute Inc. (BESI) brings together construction industry specialists dedicated to the development and implementation of education and resources, specifically designed for the construction industry. BESI is the industry's peak training and continued construction development center, designed to address the needs of the industry, both today and into the future. Visit the institute’s “Nationwide Directory of Members” to locate qualified inspectors and remediators for defective (Chinese) drywall.

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