Honda's 'Asimo' Robot Graces the Cover in the Technology Signature Edition of Manufacturing Digital

Top 10 coolest robots from around the world; motion sensor technology is taking the gaming world by storm; the Robot Cheetah and the world’s first 3D printed car

San Diego, CA, April 12, 2011 --( Motion sensor technology is taking the gaming world by storm. Although it took a long time to reach the shelves, the Xbox Kinect has fully lived up to its hype and expectation after reaching sales figures of 10 million in March 2011 and soon became the fastest selling consumer electronics device of all time, for which it holds a Guinness World Record.

Although the Nintendo Wii still remains the market leader, it seems like the Kinect will soon overtake this industry stalwart in the popularity stakes, with the PlayStation Move hot on its competitor’s heels.

Manufacturing Digital finds out how motion sensor gaming works, whether this technology trend is here to stay, and what developers and manufacturers are planning for the future.

They also look at the top 10 coolest robots from around the world, profiling some truly amazing developments in technology.

Included in the list is Honda's Asimo, the most advanced humanoid robot that can run, climb stairs and even recognise faces.

Boston Dynamics' Robot Cheetah manufactured for the Department of Defence and Hiroshi Ishiguro's startling human-like Germinoid DK robot also make an appearance.

In addition, Manufacturing Digital looks at the world’s first 3D printed car, the Urbee. 3D printing is changing the face of product design and development. The ability to produce specially designed objects from a computer offers exciting possibilities for manufacturers.

Read the April issue of Manufacturing Digital, here.

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