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Coffee, Chocolate and Cloudforest: Now Serving Motorcycles

Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental Offers New Day Motorcycle and Mountain Bike Self-Guided GPS Tour Departing Daily from Quito

Coffee, Chocolate and Cloudforest: Now Serving Motorcycles
Quito, Ecuador, June 29, 2011 --( It's time to hop on a bike and head for the clouds. The cloudforest, that is. Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental announced today that it now offers motorcyclists and bicyclists an affordable, one-day self-guided GPS tour into one of the most bio-diverse areas of the planet.

The “Coffee, Chocolate and Cloudforest” tour is the latest to be added to Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental's tour lineup. Participants are provided with the motorcycle or mountain bike of their choice, helmets, gloves and a Garmin GPS with a pre-programmed route. They can start the tour any day they choose. All they need to do is show up and ride, safe in the knowledge that they will be seeing the best sights and riding the best possible roads on this one-day tour.

The tour starts and ends at the company's Quito office, located in the Mariscal section of Quito. It then takes the rider out of the city, and into the Nono Biological Reserve, known for its wide variety of bird animal and wild orchids. The route passes through a few different climatic and vegetational zones, providing riders with a feast for the senses during the 117 miles of curvy spectacular roads. There are several elevation changes along the ride, with a high point at about 11,500 feet, down to around 3,900 feet in Mindo.

Once in Mindo, participants will hop off their bikes for an entertaining and educational tour that teaches how organic coffee is grown, harvested and roasted in the region. They will learn about cacao farming and how the raw cacao beans are processed and made into chocolate. The tour is hands-on, and the participants will leave with their own hand-made chocolate bars.

The tour provides other engaging opportunities on its way back to Quito, including experiments with the strange gravitational forces that are only found at the Equator.

The tour is exclusively available from Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental and costs start at only $27.50 per person. Prices include 24-hour motorcycle or mountain bike rental (including helmets and insurance), the Chocolate and Coffee Tour at the El Quetzal complex in Mindo and use of a Garmin GPS unit pre-programmed with the route. More information can be found here.

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