SMEStorage Release Cloud File Manager for Windows Phone 7

SMEStorage, the Open Cloud Platform vendor, has released a local and Cloud File Manager for Windows Phone 7 devices.

SMEStorage Release Cloud File Manager for Windows Phone 7
London, United Kingdom, August 04, 2011 --( SMEStorage, the Open Cloud Platform vendor that provides aggregated data services, has announced the release of a local and Cloud File Manager for Windows Phone 7 devices.

The Cloud File Manager Application supports over 20 Storage Clouds, including Amazon S3, Google Docs, SkyDrive, Live Mesh 2011 (read only), RackSpace Cloud Files, OpenStack, Azure Blog Storage, Office365, Alfresco, and more.

Users can add and manage Storage Clouds and files, which are then available in a virtual cloud file system on the device. Two Clouds can be added initially with more added if needed.

Once Clouds are added, the user can choose to access and view data without downloading files to the device (dependent on supported file types). Downloading files to the device from multiple clouds, for offline use, is also supported.

The App is feature rich and also supports creating and syncing of text notes voice memos to nominated storage clouds. Photos can also be uploaded and sync'd to the storage cloud of choice.

Files can be shared over email using unique links or the link is generated and added to the clipboard for use in other Apps, and files can also be made secure with password access needed before a file can be opened.

The Cloud File Manager also supports on device collaboration enabling virtual groups to be formed for content collaboration.

SMEStorage CEO Ian Osborne stated, "We have a history of supporting all major mobile platform for our Open Cloud service, and we consider Windows Phone 7 an important mobile platform both now and in the future. We are pleased to be able to provide our user base with a diverse choice of mobility options including iOS, Android and BlackBerry, and now Windows Phone 7.

"We find many organisations have a diverse mobile use and providing such diverse support is an enabler for productivity within their business."

SMEStorage Cloud File Manager is available now on the Windows Phone Market.

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