TeamLab Mobile: Project Management Goes on Air in Android and iOS Environment

Ascensio System SIA releases a mobile version of TeamLab Projects module. Designed for popular Android and iOS devices, the new module enables TeamLab users to manage their projects and control activities fulfillment on the go.

TeamLab Mobile: Project Management Goes on Air in Android and iOS Environment
Riga, Latvia, August 26, 2011 --( Ascensio System SIA, the developer of IT solutions for corporate use, launches a fully-featured mobile version of the Projects section that is a constituent of the TeamLab platform for project management and team collaboration. From now on, the TeamLab users gain a virtual analogue of their office activities.

The mobile Projects module incorporates a complete set of tools to control and participate in projects outside the office: both team leaders and teammates view projects, create and leave status comments on tasks, initiate and manage milestones, take part in discussions and monitor team activities. The new module allows users to track the latest changes and control business issues round the clock. And due to the web-optimized interface, full-scale functionality for project management, the TeamLab mobile version ensures smooth navigation and efficient performance on Android and iOS devices.

Developed to operate on the Web, TeamLab Projects provides crucial advantages for fast work as compared to native applications. The mobile-optimized website shell implies easy access from multiple mobile devices and always up-to-date content in a corporate TeamLab portal. The algorithm also lets users avoid downloads, manual updates and anchoring to a single mobile device.

Antony Smirnov, Project Manager, states: “With the growing popularity of web applications for mobile devices, free wi-fi and low-priced plans for the Internet traffic, it becomes unnecessary for team leaders to spend most of their work time in the office. The mobile version of TeamLab Projects makes it possible to always have a virtual office at your hand, regardless of your location. It doesn’t take memory space, it doesn’t employ much traffic, and it enables you to efficiently manage your labor time and your efforts.”

The Projects module comes as the essential enhancement to the existing TeamLab mobile version that already includes the Community module. Unlike most of web-applications in this category that offer functionality for mostly either collaboration or project management, TeamLab contains both units for users to efficiently work online worldwide.

By providing more flexibility and functionality to get issues done on the way, TeamLab comes to the fore among web applications for business.

About TeamLab Platform

TeamLab is a corporate platform for document and project management that integrates a number of online tools helping employees to organize business tasks, exchange news, manage corporate documents and communicate in real time. TeamLab is offered in 3 solutions: a cloud-based SaaS application, an open-source software and an image for Amazon EC2 service. For more information refer to

To start using TeamLab Mobile, please enter the name of your corporate portal with /mobile at the end in a mobile browser: [your portal name]

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