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MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Introduces Heaters for Home

MyReviewsNow Online Shpping is pleased to announce its new affiliation with Iheater4less. The Iheater4less, provides quality quartz-powered portable heaters for home use.

MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Introduces Heaters for Home
Salt Lake City, UT, September 13, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Online Shopping is pleased to showcase the iheater4less, heaters for home product. With winter approaching, it will soon be time to utilize in-home heating to keep warm. But regular heat unfortunately comes with the high price of the bills for its usage. In the current economy, this is of particular concern.

Some people rely on small space heaters for home during the cold months. But they are not always practical, with dangers such as possible fires or being burned.

Infrared heaters are able to reduce all of these issues. The product offered by Iheater4less, the iHeater, is a cost-efficient and environmentally safe device powered by quartz infrared heat. It operates by first taking in cool air through the intake at the rear of the heater. Then, electricity subjects the PTC heating element to heat and the heating element warms the cured copper heating chamber without danger of combustion. The cool air passes through the heating element and exits via the heating chamber at the front of the heater. As the air becomes warm, it rises using the humidity in the room, granting soft and moist heat without reduction to the oxygen or humidity levels. These heaters for home evenly distribute comfortable, warm air from wall to wall and ceiling to floor in spaces of up to 1,000 square feet.

The iHeater's further charm lies in its ability to provide more heat for less energy. As the amount of heat needed per home is lowered, heating bills are lowered as well. The iHeater's overall cost, up to 50% less than its competitive heaters, adds to its practicality and the assurance that it earns its keep.

These heaters for home feature a compact structure and coal black color. Easily adaptable to any room's decor or space, they are also quiet and will not disturb the normal activities, sounds, or conversations of any household.

In spite of all it provides, the iHeater is not difficult to move. With its special wheels, it is easily transported from room to room on any given level of a home. This further simplifies the use and care of the machine, enabling household members of all ages to steer it to wherever it is most needed.

These heaters for home remain cool to the touch no matter how long they have been in use. They may be safely handled by even children and pets without causing harm. Regular heaters present the concern of someone being burned if they bump into or fall against the heaters by accident. With quartz-powered heaters, including the iHeater, that is not a problem.

This worthwhile line of heaters always comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30 day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee. And to save on further expense, shipping and handling costs are free.

For further information regarding heaters for home, please visit MyReviewsNow Online Shopping.

Chickie Maxwell