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MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Featuring DIY Sprinkler Irrigation

For all DIY specialists, MyReviewsNow is pleased to introduce a fun sprinkler irrigation course. The Auto Lawns Sprinklers ebook guide is now being showcased by MyReviewsNow.

MyReviewsNow Online Shopping Featuring DIY Sprinkler Irrigation
Jacksonville, FL, September 15, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Online Shopping is excited to introduce an ebook course for DIY (do it yourself) specialists. The Auto Lawns Sprinklers eguide comes with easy-to-understand instructions about how to install a sprinkler irrigation system, in turn, saving homeowners money. Scott Young, author of the DIY course, created the guide after 10 years in the sprinkler irrigation industry. He notes, “I decided to put together this guide to help the average homeowner design and install his or her system quickly and without the headache or hassles of doing complicated mathematical equations. Not to mention cutting out the costs and difficulty with dealing with contractors.” Young's determination was to create a course that would truly benefit homeowners thus making his course much worth considering.

Young claims of the system, “I created this guide so that you can create your own lawn without the headache or hassles of dealing with contractors. You shouldn't have to hire someone to do this anyway. The process of creating and maintaining an automatic lawn sprinkler system is simple with the right information. And that is exactly what this book is: the right information.”

The ebook contains a step-by-step, user-friendly guide that weekend warriors will be able to understand and follow. The course has received accolades throughout the nation and has satisfied customers commenting with excellent reviews. For example, one homeowner states: “Straight forward and to the point without the fluff...that one of the things that I enjoyed about your book. You didn't feel it was necessary to overwhelm us with a bunch of unnecessary information. I had a concrete plan to follow and everything went smooth,” claims Ronald from Ohio. This system is certainly anything but a gimmick or a ploy to sell inadequate equipment. With Young’s 10+ years in the industry, this sprinkler irrigation course is professional and affordable.

The course is divided into three parts. The first part is designing or planning. This step consists of an explanation of the basics to installing a sprinkler irrigation system and an explanation of how the sprinkler irrigation course system can save DIY homeowners money. The second step includes the 16 steps in order to install the system, ways to avoid common mistakes, as well as a simple test to make sure that irrigation system is installed correctly. The third step covers lawn watering schedules and DIY support. This final section gives information concerning scheduling watering, how to avoid under/over watering your lawn, and a support system for customers.

For more information regarding sprinkler irrigation and the DIY course, please visit MyReviewsNow.

Chickie Maxwell