Facebook & Google+ Alternative Emerges: OnlyMeWorld, the New Standard in Social Networking in 2012

As we enter an important era of digital communication, users of social networking sites are demanding privacy rights, anonymity, and protection from cyber crime. OnlyMeWorld offers a platform similar in function to these top social networking sites but sets new standards in the industry as it tackles privacy issues, anonymity, and cyber crime.

Honolulu, HI, September 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- OnlyMeWorld.com -- Facebook is everywhere you go on the web today. Regardless of whether you like or dislike Facebook, no one can argue that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook both have come a long way from their humble beginnings out of a Harvard college dorm room.

Yet there is a growing concern over the handling of users’ information, security, privacy, data mining, web tracking, and facial recognition software used by Facebook and other social networking sites. Most critics and so-called private alternative social networking sites today complain that Facebook and others collect users’ information and sell it to advertisers, making billions of dollars. Although these things should be reason enough for concern, the sale of people’s information to advertisers and companies is not new and has gone on long before Facebook arrived.

The real issues people should be concerned about are: how much information Facebook and other social networking sites are collecting about them "Knowingly" versus "Unknowingly," how this information is being used by "Cyber Criminals" versus "Law Enforcement," and how all this information someday will be or could be used in a "Positive" versus. "Negative" way.

Regardless of what sites today promise regarding security, any site can be hacked. (Some examples would be: governments, banks, and law enforcement agencies who all have "so called" state of art security systems). "Social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook are open-door gold mines for cyber criminals. The obvious solution to address these problems involving privacy, anonymity and cyber crime is simple; no real names, no emails," says Carlson Yamamoto, founder of OnlyMeWorld.com, aspiring entrepreneur, privacy advocate, cyber and white collar crime consultant.

Why No Real Names & No Email Addresses? Carlson Yamamoto responds emphatically, "Your information is still in a database somewhere, which can be hacked, or unintentionally disclosed or subpoenaed and turned over. With a Real Name, Email Address, and Date of Birth, a cyber criminal can seriously damage your personal & financial life."

Should you be worried about all the information Facebook and other social networking sites are collecting? "If used in a positive way, perhaps it could occasionally help law enforcement agencies throughout the world combat crime, or help end poverty and disease, or even promote socioeconomic equality. If used in a negative way, there will only be the haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor, all automatically profiled according to individual demographics," Carlson Yamamoto, concludes.

OnlyMeWorld offers a social networking platform similar in function to Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter, yet differs in its approach to Privacy Rights, Anonymity, and Protection from Cyber Crime. At OnlyMeWorld, people are able to participate with absolute privacy and anonymity. OnlyMeWorld requires no real names or email addresses. It uses no web tracking, no facial recognition software, and no data mining.

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No Facial Recognition Software, Data Mining or Tracking.

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