TransGuardian, Inc.
TransGuardian, Inc.

TransGuardian President Jim Moseley Speaks at Parcel Forum 2011

Chicago, IL, October 26, 2011 --( At Parcel Forum 2011 in Chicago, TransGuardian President Jim Moseley presented ways to reduce risk and save money on insured parcel shipping.

“It’s important to de-bunk myths in the parcel insurance industry about ‘safe practices’ that have no effect on risk and explore practices that really impact risk significantly,” said Moseley. “There are a number of beliefs that are statistically void, while there are many simple techniques that should be deployed but are often ignored.”

Moseley reviewed what he learned by conducting a personal study of 5 million high-value FedEx parcels for the purpose of detecting what factors are statistically associated with risk. He also discussed warranties and limits of insurance policies, highlighting what shippers should consider and what they possibly should re-negotiate.

“Sometimes underwriters want to push shippers in directions that have nothing to do with mitigating, while unwittingly blocking carrier, service, and packaging options that in fact reduce risk while also saving considerable shipping dollars,” he said.

Moseley also reviewed how to deal with carriers who want to deny claims and outlined record-keeping and other practices that make claims easier for underwriters to pay.

TransGuardian is the official insured shipping provider of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York, handling parcels up to $150,000 worldwide for its 2,000 Members. TransGuardian offers a proprietary online Transportation Management System that produces labels via UPS, USPS, FedEx and Regional carriers and delivers small parcel insurance via Wells Fargo Insurance Services.

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