Bloggers Lane and Little Launch New Informational Website for Moms

Mommy Bloggers Lexie Lane and Ro Little have recently teamed up to develop a new resource website targeted specifically towards moms,

Bloggers Lane and Little Launch New Informational Website for Moms
Los Angeles, CA, November 04, 2011 --( The decision to build this new site came about as there was a lack of resource websites available to quickly and easily locate information pertinent to moms, children and families. Yes, there are many blogs and mom communities on the internet already, but there was a lack of purely informational websites.

From the WikiMommy website: “There are millions of mommy blogs and sites all over the internet. From blogs to giveaways, reviews, recipes, money saving tips, etc., moms contribute a considerable amount of information in various areas of the web. WikiMommy is here to collaborate all those wonderful thoughts and valuable insights and information into one site, where visitors from all over the world can find the info that comes from the best source - mom's world.”

One of the main purposes of WikiMommy is to have a resource website for moms to find the information they are looking for. But there’s another reason for WikiMommy.

Lane and Little wanted to give all these mommy bloggers a tool to help them build their own online traffic. They understand that the two most valuable ways to gain exposure to your website or blog are backlinks and keywords.

Any mom who wishes to is encouraged to share articles on This will provide her with relevant backlinks to her own site, as well as increased traffic from keywords.

WikiMommy uses Semantic MediaWiki, which offers keywords better placement in the search engines. All data created within Semantic MediaWiki can easily be published via the Semantic Web, allowing other systems to use this data seamlessly.

Also interesting to note is the fact that WikiMommy is being built and powered by the same software used by Wikipedia. Wikipedia has been one of the highest traffic "contributors" of the web. Why? They have clean extensions, systems, software, and of course a highly advanced group of experts and editors who constantly monitor the site's information. launched on November 1, 2011. They are actively seeking moms to contribute valuable content, and in turn, receive backlinks, keywords, and traffic back to their own site. There is even a training area teaching moms how to post their articles on the site, as it is quite different than blogging. It’s a different process to post, but still quite simple once you go through the training documents.

With a little time, is sure to grow to a hugely valuable resource.

Please visit to see the site in action.

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