Egyptian Expatriates Condemn the Use of Violence Against Egyptian Civilians

Silicon Valley, CA, November 23, 2011 --( In light of the saddening turn of events that have taken place in Egypt over the past few days, the undersigned, Egyptian Expatriates, strongly condemn the use of force to silence the voices of the people of Egypt. The recent turn of violent events in Egypt is the consequence of the growing public dissatisfaction with the current political situation. The issue at hand is no longer about the elections or the proposed governing principles. The issue at hand is about the seemingly resurrected practices of the fallen regime; practices where the rights, liberties, and dignity of the people continue to be systematically compromised.

The undersigned, Egyptian Expatriates demand that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF):

1. Cease and desist from supporting the Ministry of Interior and its unacceptable use of extreme violence against Egyptian civilians;

2. Cease and desist from continuing on the path of conducting military tribunals against civilians;

3. Work with moderate political leaders to form a civilian council to oversee the transitional period. We urge SCAF to include civilians and justices, as nominated by Egyptians in Tahrir Square, such as: Mahmoud ElKohdairy, Ahmed Mekki, Zakaria AbdelAziz, and Ashraf ElBaroody; and

4. Focus the role of the Egyptian military in securing the upcoming elections, which should not be postponed, given the loss of trust between the Egyptian people and the Ministry of Interior.

The Egyptian Expatriates in the United States denounce unequivocally the unjustified use of force against civilian demonstrators and the use of, what appears to be, military-grade gas to disperse the demonstrators. While transgressions may happen on the part of the demonstrators and/or infiltrating thugs, authorities will never have the right to break the law and common humane practices.

God Bless Egypt … forever united.

Dr. Ossama Hassanein, Chairman, Board of Advisors, Egyptian American Society (

Egyptian Expatriates
Dr. Ossama Hassanein
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Dr. Ossama Hassanein, Chairman, Board of Advisors, Egyptian American Society (