PilotFish Announces Advanced HL7 Message Support with New “Differencing Component”

New Healthcare integration Feature Provides a Breakthrough Way to Mediate Differences Between HL7 2.x Messages

PilotFish Announces Advanced HL7 Message Support with New “Differencing Component”
Hartford, CT, December 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- PilotFish Technology announced today the early-access release of a first-of-its-kind HL7 Differencing Component. This capability, the latest addition to the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare the HL7 interface engine IDE for configuring interfaces, allows users to rapidly interface systems that use divergent implementations of HL7 messaging protocols.

Anyone involved in healthcare and HL7 integration is aware of the challenges inherent when interfacing with HL7 2.x messages. Mediating the differences between HL7 implementations has long been a time consuming, arduous and highly manual process. Until today, this particular challenge is one that HL7 tools had not adequately addressed.

PilotFish identified this need in the healthcare IT community and has delivered an innovative solution – the HL7 Differencing Component. With this new capability, users of the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare can automatically generate a mapping between a “source” and “target” HL7 implementation. Using only a sample of the input and the output, the Differencing Component will generate a functional transformation that preserves common segments, components and fields, and then highlights the remaining differences. With the boilerplate mapping available and electronic gap analysis complete, users can quickly and easily mediate the remaining differences. The reduction in repetitive work and automation of the message comparison eliminates the bulk of the effort in these all-too-common tasks.

PilotFish offers integration solutions for the healthcare community. The “Differencing Component” is integrated with the XCS eiConsole for Healthcare – a graphical HL7 interface engine IDE for building and managing interfaces deployed to the XCS eiPlatform, the interface engine.

To learn more visit the company’s website (www.pilotfishtechnology.com), watch an online demo or call the company at 860-632-9900 x 511 for a live demonstration.

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