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Today web sites can be literate to take care of itself, discover superior, significant content on a methodical basis, use important incentives for search engines to put new content pages into their search results faster, turn traffic from search engines and monetize this traffic. Learn how web sites are getting smarter these days.

Korinthos, Greece, May 06, 2007 --( TrafficBoosterPro comes to the online market with a tool that turns any web site into a Shadow managing unit which grows with top important content, fights for a better position in the results of search engines and converts the traffic from search engines into real money.

Does it mean that web sites have gained artificial intelligence? No. But the visualization really amazes - the web site that professionally takes care of itself and keeps bringing profits.

Today there are billions of web sites with thousands of new sites appearing every day. Very soon we will face the engagement when the number of web sites will be dozens or alike hundred times more than a number of human beings on this planet.

Still, every web site is skilled of giving profits - it just needs proper management.

The beauty of the Internet is that multiple things can be automated with no loss of characteristics and effect. That is why it is very easy to set any web site on Self-care. What is the most critical thing on a web site today? In terms of marketing it is possible to point out targeted traffic and good a conversion model. But getting targeted traffic has become a real program for many web site owners. 7-8 years ago it was enough to submit a site to directories of search engines, buy banner ads, manage promotion on forums - and that was enough to generate severe traffic.

In 2007 this task is far more difficult. Web sites are fighting to turn a better position for their keywords in search engines. Search engines are improving their algorithms to cut off unsuited sites.

But one point remains: 100% surefire, for every web site to grow with search engines and turn a better position in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other engines, the web site must have importance, associated on-creation and fresh content.

These kind of web sites are destined for success.

TrafficBoosterPro created a tool that can "teach" any web site:
- where to fetch superior, related content for every niche,
- how to adjust this content on the site,
- how to manage this content and update the new content on day by day or weekly or monthly base,
- how to "encourage" search engines to index this content faster and grow the site in search results on necessary keywords and key phrases,
- how to show to the search engines the way to discover the constant growth of content on your site,
- how and where to monetize the traffic from search engines.

All these actions are automated 24/7/365 even when you are not there. Today top fineness online hosting servers allow to install a program which manages all the mentioned tasks on millions of web sites at one time. The site owner has to install, setup and customize - the rest is done by online servers. The site owner should only turn back to the site from time to time to check the pulse and sort out how much profit it generated.

No one really says it better than a customer...

Hello James,

Holy cow! That's a lot of power within a software! You're so bloody good at SEO, and a genius Sir! You must make a fortune from SEO consultancy? Thank you for the demo, I'll check it out. Can't wait for the new version. By the way, why not put a forum for us members? This way we can chat with each other and share ideas. Anyway, you are the genius here, we will leave it all up to you. You gained my trust and I am now your biggest fan, James. Being new to affiliate and internet marketing, thank goodness I found your website.


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James Saunders