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FII’s Sites Provide More Tools and Integration

FII’s Sites Provide More Tools and Integration
Chicago, IL, January 10, 2012 --( First Impression Interactive, a lead generation company recently named for its success in Inc 500, began revamping its education and employment websites for the New Year, adding new interactive tools and social media facets. In just a short while, the new tools and updated information have created a thousand new avenues for traffic, and advertisers are finding out just how intuitive FII’s developers and analysts have become. With refreshed content and newly acquired sites, FII has also found new ways to ignite traffic, and their formula has been thanks to some intelligent designs by its development team.

“People don’t just click on anything anymore. You have to know what you’re doing. You have to say something in your design, blog, images - that is worthwhile to a lot of people,” Drew Forsberg, FII’s Chief Technology Officer, said. “When you see that there is a wealth of free information online, and news of how the Internet has revolutionized education, it’s nice to know that you are a part of that and that you are continuing to expand upon those ideas.”

Already, the marketing company’s current crop of content has delivered thousands of leads per day for clients who need advertising in education, employment searches, and more., a daily updated site for job hunters, reached half a million users in under 6 months, which is due largely in part to the new integration of social media and convenient tools like a salary calculator.

“It’s the tools that really make a website blossom. People think of something that would go along with the content on your website, and instead of going somewhere else, we’ve figured out ways to just add that information in. It saves a lot of time,” said Forsberg.

Another website from FII provides information on hundreds of degrees, which is giving students a real way to compare majors and colleges. received a complete re-design to provide newer, more succinct content. With the new site, you can find a degree, read about its requirements, job prospects, completion rate and then go on to find an accredited school that offers the degree in your area.

“There’s actually a real benefit to providing unique, updated information. You get better traffic, but not only that, you get people who rely on your content and link it, share it, make it more available,” said Paul Drago, FII’s VP of Search and Analytics. “It’s really important to not just splash around content and think you’re doing something special. You have to know, and that’s why we analyze all of our content constantly and develop new ways to reach all types of audiences.”

With a bigger audience, FII has managed to get a lot of things done in the past month. There was also the complete relaunch of, a site completely dedicated to individuals who need help with credit problems. The site integrated the newest information in debt consolidation and credit management practices, then provided services to users in addition to helpful tips on saving money, lowering payments and eliminating high interest rates. These were the most common problems among Debt Finance Corp’s readership. The re-design helped add more of this content, which created a more constant stream of traffic.

The company that started with just four guys and a unique opportunity has turned into a million dollar business. Jeff Giles, VP of Business Development at FII, has been with the company from the beginning and is looking forward to new directions in order to stay ahead of traffic. However, Dale Brown, head of sales and marketing at FII, gives credit to the FII development team for always being able to predict new algorithms and create the kind of content that people want to see.

“Drew has really built the technological infrastructure that has allowed our company to go so far. It’s his vision that places us in a position to be well ahead of our competitors,” said Brown.

You can check out the latest developments at FII through their website. All of their new sites are linked on the main page.

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