GoodSemester Brings Education Into the 21st Century with Launch of Cloud-Based Open Learning Platform

Allentown, PA, February 06, 2012 --( GoodSemester is proud to advance education through the launch of its revolutionary online platform for learning. GoodSemester ( is urging users to share course content to facilitate collaboration and the acceleration of learning through access to an open repository of information from multiple respected sources and a suite of productivity tools to accelerate education. GoodSemester was developed for students and professors to facilitate and simplify education, regardless of college allegiance. The site’s over 100 features, built on the most sophisticated web technologies available, enable students and professors to organize, collaborate on, and collectively access academic content from around the world. In addition, professors are also provided the most advanced grading and statistical tools ever designed for the classroom.

Each of GoodSemester’s features was specifically designed and developed with the goal of productivity and collaboration in mind. Students can create real-time private study groups with anyone in the world, store notes and files in the cloud and view them right in the browser, work collaboratively with other students using GoodSemester's built-in collaborative note editor that supports freehand drawing and math formula, and easily work with and get answers from classmates and professors through live question and discussion sessions. Professors can create an unlimited number of courses and facilitate powerful interaction with students. In addition, GoodSemester offers professors the world's first visual grading system, allowing professors to mitigate days of complex grading calculations, such as curving and percent weighting, by dragging around interactive pie charts and graphs.

"GoodSemester is designed to help our engineering, business, and design students access the resources needed to successfully navigate the gauntlet we call Integrated Product Development or IPD," stated Professor John B Ochs, the director of the award winning IPD program at Lehigh University. "Our capstone course is very challenging and GoodSemester is a reliable, comprehensive, online platform to facilitate learning by providing easy-to-use access to lectures, assignments and notes, promoting collaboration among the IPD team members, the faculty advisers and company sponsors, and then, helping the teams manage their many deliverables."

GoodSemester is currently in use by over 500 students and professors at Carnegie Mellon University, Case Western Reserve University, Cedar Crest College, DeSales University, Gratz College, Lehigh University, Moravian College, Muhlenberg College, Penn State, Villanova, and others as a part of a year-long private beta program.

Basic registration on GoodSemester is free with an invite code and upgrades are available to students and professors to increase storage space, provide access to archived course materials from previous semesters, and enable more advanced productivity tools to professors, such as the visual grading system, for a very minimal cost. GoodSemester is also working with several universities to provide schools and institutions with cloud integration options this summer.

About GoodSemester
GoodSemester, founded by Jason Rapporport, who also owns Zelda Universe (, provides students and professors with a revolutionary online platform for learning. As a comprehensive cloud-based solution, GoodSemester provides an open, intuitive, comprehensive and collaborative tool to facilitate access to education regardless of location or enrollment. To learn more, please visit

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