Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley Gives Follow-Up Interview on the Big Biz Radio Talk Show with Updated Information on Recent Developments in North Dakota

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley shares progress updates with Big Biz radio talk show.

Luminart Corp. Operations Manager Brandon Bentley Gives Follow-Up Interview on the Big Biz Radio Talk Show with Updated Information on Recent Developments in North Dakota
Cheyenne, WY, February 25, 2012 --( Big Biz Radio talk show once again featured Brandon Bentley who currently serves as Luminart Corporation's Operations Manager in North Dakota. The interview revisited the discussion about the huge opportunity for Luminart’s rapid growth in the mining community in North Dakota. Bob Sullivan, (Sully) the host of the Big Biz Radio talk show, made reference to the company as being a “diamond in the rough” and its being an investment opportunity that is currently “under the radar.” Luminart’s subsidiary B 3 Well Services is capitalizing on the ever growing need for infrastructure development in the form of roads, well pads and base camps etc. by providing the hauling and mining of the materials required. Brandon spoke of the continued pursuit of new aggregate sites because of escalating material demands as well as daily development of relationships with prospective clients and investors. He also provided the published oil production numbers for the month of December which climbed to roughly 544,000 BOPD with 6,471 operating oil wells and the issuance of 180 drilling permits for new oil wells. This keeps North Dakota well on track to pass California and make it the 3rd highest oil producing state in the country. Brandon briefly touched on Luminart’s near future goals which could possibly extend the business into Montana, South Dakota, Saskatchewan, and with the relationships that are being built, eventually into the international market as well. President Burke Bentley said, “We’re really looking forward to what the next couple of months will bring in terms of solidifying more contracts and expanding our current operations in North Dakota. There are some very positive developments that are on the horizon.”

About Luminart Corp. and B 3 Well Services subsidiary:
Luminart Corp.'s subsidiary B 3 Well Services is focused on the expansion of contract hauling materials for infrastructure development in North Dakota, mining and processing materials for road building, and expansion of the base camps in the North Dakota operations, sales and marketing. Led by a skilled and experienced management team, the timely entrance to this quickly developing opportunity in the Bakken oil reserves has positioned the company to create more value for its shareholders and secure a strategic position for increased market share in the future.

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