Soliatis and Raisonance Merge to form KEOLABS

Fusion results in unprecedented single source for prototyping, validation and certification solutions for microelectronics and smart card industries.

Soliatis and Raisonance Merge to form KEOLABS
Montbonnot, France, March 09, 2012 --( Raisonance and Soliatis announced their fusion to create KEOLABS, a global provider of test and development tools for the microelectronics industry. KEOLABS provides tools for validation of microelectronic components and applications. In addition, it combines activities of the two former companies in a single structure dedicated to end-to-end test and certification of smart cards and secure components.

In a context of sustained business growth, Soliatis and Raisonance have chosen to merge by mutual accord and with equal participation of their respective shareholders. Uniting under the brand KEOLABS allows the company to build on the strong business positions of both former entities. Fueled by reinforced product development teams, consolidated product lines and optimized business processes, KEOLABS imposes itself as a new leader in the test and certification sector of the microelectronics industry.

Combining the complementary smart card test offers of the two former companies, KEOLABS is able to provide end-to-end test solutions to validate their customers' products. KEOLABS' offer includes platforms for validating secure components, test suites for pre-certification and an accredited product certification center. This unified offer is equally adapted to customers who create and integrate secure components, and companies who implement those technologies in systems for secure payment and identification.

KEOLABS' product portfolio is further complemented by an activity dedicated to engineers creating microcontroller applications. For these customers, KEOLABS develops and commercializes the Raisonance brand of microcontroller application development tools. This complete and well known line of tools facilitates creation and testing of embedded software for product sectors that range from consumer electronics and home appliances, to industrial control and automotive systems.

"This merger is a long term strategic move that combines our companies' products and services in a way that is intuitive and optimized to meet the needs of all of our customers," said KEOLABS President, Michael Leplatois. "For several years our respective companies have worked in close collaboration due to the complementary nature of our products and services. This merger is as mutually beneficial as it is a natural outcome of that cooperation. In addition to the advantages that come from merging our product lines, this fusion improves company potential through cost structure improvements and synergies that will allow new growth opportunities for the future."

Now that the fusion has taken effect, KEOLABS is managed by a Board of Directors composed equally by managers from the former Soliatis and Raisonance companies. The board is lead by KEOLABS President, Michael Leplatois. KEOLABS is headquartered in Montbonnot, France and retains a significant presence in Salon de Provence, France, which remains the home of the Smart Card Solutions and Certification activity.

Board of Directors:

Michael Leplatois - President
Francis Lamotte - Vice President
Benoit Hedou - Director, Validation Platforms
Stephane Jobard - Director, Solutions & Certification

KEOLABS Certification Center is managed by Denis Manceau, who formerly managed Soliatis Lab. Microcontroller application development and validation tools continue as part of KEOLABS under the Raisonance brand. "With a 23-year history as a provider of advanced compiler, emulation, debugging and microcontroller programming technology, it is important to maintain the brand recognition of Raisonance," stated Francis Lamotte. "In addition, the Raisonance system-on-chip, hardware production and software development capabilities are key assets in the maintenance and evolution of all of our KEOLABS product lines."

Michael Leplatois added, "The fusion to create KEOLABS represents a compelling challenge for our management team and all of our employees. This is a very exciting project for us and the complementary nature of our activities combined with the flexibility and expertise of our teams are strong foundations for the future success of KEOLABS."

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