A New Research-Based Sun Safety Program at 40 Hotels and Resorts in the United States to Include Sun Protection Clothing

The Go Sun Smart program is planned for 40 selected resorts in the United States over the next three years and Sun Threadz, a sun protection clothing company, has been invited to be part of this program.

Philadelphia, PA, March 18, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Go Sun Smart is a research study sponsored by San Diego State University. The purpose of the project is to educate vacationing Americans about comprehensive sun safety techniques and skin cancer prevention. The study is funded by the National Cancer Institute, and has the potential to reach a significant portion of the US population when they are most vulnerable to skin damage from the sun.

Sun Threadz will join the Go Sun Smart project in the fight against skin cancer. Employees of the project will be outfitted in sun safe attire and will visit the resorts and interface with vacationers from a nationwide market. Damage from the sun can be prevented by applying sunscreen, wearing sun protective clothing, wide brim hats, seeking shade when necessary and recognizing when UV is highest and most dangerous.

This program will start the beginning of spring 2012 at twenty resorts and the other twenty resorts will receive the program one year later.

Over one million cases of non-melanoma skin cancers occur annually, and melanoma increased 4% each year for decades, significantly burdening the nation’s health system.

The program will use positive, upbeat messages and stories that stress gains from being sun safe consistent with guests’ positive vacation experiences to encourage advanced sun safety behaviors. Vacationers will receive important and accessible information that can shift their understanding about over-exposure to the sun while vacationing. Sun safety behaviors are easy to implement but reminders are required to convince vacationers to be sun safe.

Sun Threadz was founded by a melanoma survivor who is an advocate for a sun safe lifestyle.
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Colleen Dougherty Bronstein