CopyRight2 - Important New Features to Further Simplify Windows Server Migrations

Frankfurt, Germany, March 21, 2012 --( Sys-Manage, a Microsoft® Gold Certified ISV partner and vendor of systems management software, announced today the availability of maintenance release 2.125 for CopyRight2, a product to aid in the process of file server and domain migrations.

"This update release adds important new features to further simply Windows Server migrations. Many of our customers requested the ability to be able to migrate users and groups separately from the file data being migrated instead of automatically migrating any encountered user or group object not existing at the destination. Therefore we created a new job type that allows our customers to selectively migrate users or groups from domains or member computers without moving file data," says Andreas Denter, the owner of the company.

Besides the new "Copy Users and Groups" job type, the update adds a so-called "DFS Copy" job that enables customers to retain original UNC paths during migrations by utilizing Microsoft’s Distributed File System (DFS). With this type of job customers can automatically create DFS links on a DFS Server for each network share existing on a source server. CopyRight2 will automatically create the links with a modified target computer name appending a user chosen suffix, e.g. "-RT" for retired. Once the DFS links have been created, the source server can be renamed by adding the chosen suffix to its computer name, which requires a reboot. After the computer was rebooted the source computer's original name gets added to the DFS server. This simple, but manual step differs depending on whether it is a clustered or a non-clustered DFS server. After this step was completed the clients are able to access all network shares using the existing UNC paths still residing on the computer to be retired. If then a copy job gets executed that has the "Update DFS Server" option enabled, CopyRight2 will automatically update the DFS link of any copied shares to point to their new location. The clients can access the migrated share at all times, before and after the migration, using the existing UNC namespace. Once all network shares have been transferred the file server migration has been completed and the old server can be retired.

CopyRight2 is licensed per computer and can be ordered online from the company's secure website. It supports all Microsoft Windows® versions up to Windows 2008® and Windows7® and runs on all processor architectures supported by Windows®.

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