Patrik J. Krick is Appointed CEO of Fuecotech Inc.

Industry Expert Tapped as the CEO of Leading Fuel Saving Innovation Company

Fort Worth, TX, April 07, 2012 --( Helpful Technologies Inc., a developer of cutting-edge innovations for global markets, has announced today the appointment of Mr. Patrick Krick as its Chief Executive Officer of Fuecotech Inc., A Helpful Technologies Company. Mr. Krick will also remain serving as Managing Director of the Railroad Division of Helpful Technologies Inc.

Pat Krick, who is a resident of Fort Worth, TX, most recently worked as an active economic and transportation consultant with a focus on the rail industry. In his previous professional career, Mr. Krick was promoted into a variety of analytical, management, and executive positions during his 11 years as an employee at BNSF and Union Pacific railroads. His work involved the development, management and direction of economic and market forecasting and evaluation, management and improvement in unit cost and profitability systems, and corporate strategic planning. Mr. Krick’s efforts in planning often involved an evaluation of mergers and acquisitions, as well as execution analysis, along with several corporate improvement and development initiatives. Patrick Krick has several published articles covering a wide range of transportation and economic topics. Mr. Krick holds a Bachelor of Science degree from University of Nebraska-Omaha with majors in Economics and Political Science and earned a Master of Science degree in Economics from University of Nebraska.

"We are confident to see Mr. Krick undertaking Fuecotech Inc. as his next professional venture,” states Sergey Gurin, President of Helpful Technologies Inc., the Fuecotech’s parent company. “His highly specialized knowledge and experience makes him an ideal candidate for leading our innovation at a time of such rapid industry change.”

The Board Chairman Earl B. Hailston notes: “We were particularly looking for an executive with a scope of expertise that would allow us to secure progress in our business verticals, in the rapidly evolving market and in an environment where the challenges are complex. Pat Krick has served as an outstanding adviser to our Board and our President for over a year. His experience ranges from business economics through operations support into marketing and sales. This level of experience and expertise was unsurpassed by any of the more than ten candidates we outlined in our search for a CEO.”

Krick cites several challenges and opportunities for the organization: “With focus on strategic alliances with partners, we must be more creative in our pursuit of funding and in how we structure our product delivery to our customers. The challenges are there, such as a capital-intensive business ramp-up with larger numbers of customers with complex needs. We have the opportunity to embrace new technology, new funding sources, and new product delivery methods,” Krick notes, “for instance, that shortly, we will be embarking on the implementation of a totally new design of new amplified atomization system for the trucking and railroad segments of the transportation industry, and a series of fundraising initiatives for our exponential business growth.”

An avid parent, teacher, and environmentalist, in addition to his professional interests, Krick is already making himself at home in Rochester, NY where Fuecotech engineering operations are based, and is thinking of relocating his family to the area. Upon arrival, Krick looks forward to volunteering within the community, with his next mission to help transportation companies gain higher profits. “I look forward to serving the community in Rochester, NY, learning more about its needs, and getting to know all the individuals, agencies, and others who rely upon it in the pursuit of making the world a better place to live in.”

About Helpful Technologies Inc.
Helpful Technologies Inc. finds promising technologies and brings them to the market. The company is located in Fort Lauderdale, and is engaged in acquiring, developing, and selling emergent technologies and derivative products. Its principal business activities in four segments: (i) machinery, (iii) energy, and (ii) eco-friendly construction materials, and (iv) software engineering. The Helpful Technologies’ core competence are in project management, development of strategic alliances, and technology transfer.

About Fuecotech Inc. Fuecotech Inc. develops, designs, and markets commercially viable engine components that reduce fuel consumption and decrease toxic emissions for transportation vehicles, off-road machinery, buses, industrial equipment, sea vessels, aircraft, and stationary power generators. Fuecotech was incorporated in Florida in August 2009 as a subsidiary of Helpful Technologies Inc., which developed and financed Fuecotech technologies in previous years. Fuecotech executive office is located at 3732 SW 30th Avenue, 2-nd Floor, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312. Fuecotech engineering division is located at 200 Paragon Drive, Rochester, NY 14624.

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