EnvoSoft Launches New Software Web Portal

Envosoft Solutions, a premier PBX and Telecom software solutions provider, today announced the launch of its new software web portal Envosoft.com.

EnvoSoft Launches New Software Web Portal
Rowlett, TX, June 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- PBX Professionals, Network Administrators, and Call Center Managers now have Envosoft.com at their disposal to purchase solutions that simplify PBX management and enhanced ACD functionality. “Envosoft.com was started to offer cutting edge technology at affordable prices” according to EnvoSoft CEO Rick Cruz. In addition to the latest version of MerAssistant, which among other features simplifies PBX MAC (Moves, Adds, and Changes) activities in a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) environment, new programs are now being offered that complement this incredible tool. Frontline ICM, REVO ICM, CS EnCode, and Call Accounting are among the new software packages initially being offered at Envosoft.com.

What are the benefits?
Telecom managers and IT support personnel get their jobs done more quickly, and executive management has the visibility they need to optimize planning and administration. The return on investment (ROI) is substantial.

About the software solutions:

MerAssistant and the new MA Multi-Site Manager allow administrators to perform many of the daily tasks of programming with simple drop-down menus and point-and-click access rather than a command line interface. MerAssistant Multi-Site Manager now gives administrators a suite of tools to efficiently manage multiple Nortel Meridian PBX Systems.

MerAssistant saves you time and money by keeping track of used and unused phones, ports and telephone numbers automatically. It also e-mails error codes for each site to you.

Frontline ICM is a full Contact Center Solution for your Nortel Meridian and CS1000 ACD Systems. It's modules include Agent Dialers, Advanced Reporting, Live Agent Viewing, Custom Call Controls (Call Router), Wall Board Servers and even Proactive Agents. ICM provides a unique collection of base product and enhancements to allow proper monitoring and control of the call center environment. The ICM server establishes a bi-directional link.

REVO ICM for Asterisk (Information Centre Management) provides a unique collection of base product and enhancements to allow proper monitoring and control of the call centre environment and statistics. The REVO ICM server communicates directly to the Asterisk switch software platform over ethernet with a single connection.

Their client supervisor product provides a one to many supervisor interface that provides Supervisor console sessions anywhere on the LAN/WAN.

CSEnCode reduces the time it takes to install a new Nortel Meridian pbx. Currently there isn’t an easy, single stepped program that assists your engineers in bringing up a new Meridian Switches. CSEnCode allows engineers to input data into a text file, xls file or into the program manually, then CSEnCode automatically populates the data of the pbx with the information.

CSEnCode is designed to assist the Installers with each step needed to power up and install the software onto a new Meridian switch.

Call Accounting
Management of telephone charges, equipment fees, VoIP traffic, internet usage, and provider discounts is a difficult task. SHADOW Communication Management System (CMS) provides the necessary tools to allow administrators to forecast, monitor and allocate communications management expenses. SHADOW CMS is a completely interoperable solution with most popular equipment providers -- analog or IP

About Envosoft
EnvoSoft a company of PBXInfo LLC is a leading provider of telecom and PBX software solutions. EnvoSoft offers the most intuitive Nortel PBX programming software available and has further expanded its reach into various other PBX platforms. They also offer custom programming solutions for enterprise applications. Based in Dallas, Texas PBXInfo LLC was founded in 1999.


Paul Schnee
Director of Sales
EnvoSoft Solutions
EnvoSoft Solutions
Paul Schnee
Find them on the web at http://www.pbxinfo.com or http://www.envosoft.com
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