Source-Omega Gives Omega-3 Guidance in Times of Change

Source-Omega Gives Omega-3 Guidance in Times of Change
Chapel Hill, NC, May 20, 2012 --( Source-Omega today announced their offerings for companies seeking security, freedom and a 5 year supply agreement in algae oil for price and quality improvements in times of change. "Why fear when I am here," Says Dr Scott Doughman, PhD, owner of Source-Omega, a supplier of DHA supplements and volume bulk algae oil in the USA.

Source-Omega products include bulk algae oils and manufactured products from Schizochytrium for powdered algae meals, powdered lipid-extracts and algae oils with 20-carbon and 22-carbon chain length omega-3 (n3) and omega-6 (n6) polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and which are natural components of the algae meals and extracted algae oils, which may be refined and formulated into any natural or processed forms of triglycerides, phospholipids, ethyl-esters, free-fatty-acids, all of which may be specifically incorporated into a dietary supplement or similarly regulated finished supplement regulated under the U.S. Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (“DSHEA”), as it may be amended from time to time (“Dietary Supplements”), and Medical Food supplements that would qualify under the U.S. Orphan Drug Act of 1988, as it may be amended from time to time (“Medical Foods”), and Prescription Prenatal Vitamin Formulations regulated by the FDA, as it may be amended from time to time (“Prenatal Vitamins”), i.e. food supplements used for human and animal consumption for dietary, medical and/or veterinary use (individually and collectively, “Source-Omega Products”).

Dr Scott Doughman, Founder and CEO of Source-Omega, said he was asked recently what are their Terms and Conditions for buyers and whether Infant Formula will be part of their Class 1 filings for SOURCE OIL™. “First of all we are grateful to be able to offer a best-in-class choice. We are winning in leadership value and care for the Public Health. We offer the best of the best; the sole algae oil omega-3 from a water extracted process and we use only pure ingredients such as green tea polyphenols as antioxidant for both superior science and in terms of our global human values. Our business model upholds our collective duty to develop the omega-3 knowledge, reliable science and it's uses for promoting peace, love, truth, right action and non-violence around the world. It concerns me when our competition uses words like 'war' and 'penetration' and 'acceptance of Americans' in the pejorative. I love algae oil. That is what people need to know. As an Infant Formula product, our oil will also be superior in formulation as far more closely matched to human breast milk composition than any other oil on the planet. Why not suggest Infant Formula? We do, and this is coming out after our first-to-draft patents are filed, when the time is right. Our oil refinement model is being organized to maintain price leadership.”

About: SOURCE-OMEGA, LLC is one of the leading algae DHA innovators for ‘Purity’ in all-vegetarian plant-based marine omega-3s. The company uses Schizochytrium micro-algae that undergoes a water extraction process to obtain the oil. The SOURCE OIL food category is defined as algae oil, non-hexane extracted.
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