Postcode Anywhere Announces Real-Time Address Capture for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Cambridge, MA, July 10, 2012 --( Ecommerce specialists at Postcode Anywhere will be demonstrating a new address validation service this week at the Microsoft World Partner Conference, in Toronto, Canada.

The address validation and auto-complete technology, called Capture+, makes address entry easier in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Capture+ combines search-engine style auto-suggest technology with worldwide address datasets and integrates with Microsoft’s CRM solution in minutes.

Capture+ aims to make customer, contact and lead relationship management simpler with one-click address auto-fill. The service also incorporates extra data, set to “eliminate” common customer address problems such as not having a postcode or zip code on file, or not being able to arrange delivery to flats.

Product features:

• Predictive auto-completion
Capture+ suggests full results in real-time as any address fragment is entered.

• Better data
Includes often-missed delivery data for flats and vanity address names, along with daily updates (coming soon).

• International coverage
240 countries covered with more than 120 different address formats.

Postcode Anywhere’s IT director Jamie Turner said: “Capture+ expands on the web-based 'what’s my postcode?' technology Postcode Anywhere pioneered over ten years ago. It’s part of our much more co-ordinated approach to managing data from cradle to grave.

“Now Microsoft CRM users can type any fragment of an address and return a complete and fully validated record in seconds.

“The new predictive suggestion saves up to 80% of keystrokes and means that addresses can be captured and validated at the point of data entry, rather than verified after the event which is the case with older addressing solutions.”

Postcode Anywhere’s managing director Guy Mucklow said: “Maintaining high-quality contact data in CRM systems is a seemingly basic principle that can save considerable time and money, as well as improving customer service and brand perception. Good data is the backbone of any business and it can directly impact your bottom line, which is why getting it right has never been so crucial.

“Any organization wishing to build their prospect, customer, or business partner list will be faced with huge contact data quality challenges. With a multitude of postal systems, languages and international addressing formats, it’s easy to see how so many businesses so often come unstuck. Even the smallest mistake can have major consequences, from failed postal delivery and lost custom to wasted time and resources. Investing in data quality from the outset ensures these risks are negated at the very first opportunity.

“With one-click address auto-completion, this new service will make address entry faster, more efficient, and less frustrating.”

Capture+ is available on annual user licenses and a pay-as-you-go credit plan. Installation typically takes minutes, and free customer support is available.

Postcode Anywhere will be demonstrating Capture+ at the Microsoft World Partner Conference at Booth 233 from Monday – Thursday, where they will also be running a competition to see who can beat Capture+ to complete an address for a chance to win $500. For more information about Capture+, please visit the Postcode Anywhere website.
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Natalie Green