Top 3 Reasons Why iSmart Protection is the Best Insurance Plan for Your Apple Devices and Why You Need It Today

iQue Repair, a leader in the Apple mobile device repair industry, launched its latest editions of iSmart Protection Plans for Apple’s iPhones, iPads and iPods by introducing their revolutionary iSmart Elite Plan, a no-deductible, unlimited repair extended warranty. Once you’ve purchased the iSmart Elite Plan, your repairs are essentially free.

Top 3 Reasons Why iSmart Protection is the Best Insurance Plan for Your Apple Devices and Why You Need It Today
Salt Lake City, UT, July 10, 2012 --( iSmart Protection Plans by iQue Repair are relatively new to the Apple repair scene going right up against heavy hitters like Square Trade, Securranty and even Apple’s very own, AppleCare Plus. Both of their plans blow the Fortune 500 companies right out of the water by redefining repair costs and dispelling expensive replacement as the only option.

Originally introduced earlier this year, iSmart now offers a choice of two unlimited repair plans, The iSmart Protection Plan introduced earlier this year accepts damaged devices and is now only $29 for 2 year coverage with low deductibles. Whereas, iSmart Elite is their new, ground breaking, 2 year plan for $89 with no deductibles for fully functional devices.

Both policies insure unlocked and jailbroken devices which opens the door to Independent Phone Service Providers like T-Mobile who do not sell Apple products but have clients that insist on using the iPhone. They now have two great iPhone plans to offer their clients.

“Under the iSmart Elite Plan,” says KC Kelly, Owner of iQue Repair, “All you have to do is mail-in or bring your broken device to iQue Repair and the repair is on us. It’s that simple. Who else offers free repairs in the industry?”

Here are the Top 3 Reasons why you shouldn't go another day without iSmart Protection for your cherished Apple devices:

1. The iSmart Protection Plan Covers Already-Broken Devices: Dropped your iPad on the ground and forgot to buy an insurance plan? Did your child accidentally see if your iPad could fly? In this situation, many of us would slink right back into Apple to see how much it would be to repair that expensive device you just purchased. Depending on the damages, it can be frustrating as you fork out yet another hundred dollars or so to solve your problem. iSmart can save you from having this technology meltdown.

2. The iSmart Elite Plan is a No Deductible Plan: iSmart Elite redefines Apple’s paradigm because there are no deductibles for each repair you need. Many of these other huge hitters only allow you to break your device a couple of times while charging you deductibles and expensive replacement plans you’ll never use. That means you can accidentally, unintentionally, involuntarily or inadvertently break your device many times and iSmart Elite will still take care of you; literally for free.

3. iSmart Promises Same Day Repairs: Once iSmart receives your device, they promise Same Day Repairs. They understand that your daily activities are supported 24-7 with your technology so they provide the quickest turnaround possible. Your Apple device will be back in your hands before you know it. No more frustrating calls to customer service wondering how much longer you have to be without your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

iQue Repair,, services iSmart owners from all over the United States via their mail-in service. If iQue Repair is located nearby, you may enjoy an Internet café and relaxed setting while you wait.
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Top 3 Reasons to Choose iSmart Protection for your Apple devices

Top 3 Reasons to Choose iSmart Protection for your Apple devices

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