eMatchopolis Helps Nightclubs Survive and Compete in a Very Competitive Market

eMatchopolis Helps Nightclubs Survive and Compete in a Very Competitive Market
New York, NY, August 08, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The nightclub business is strong and growing but only the savviest at social networking make it to profitability and success. According to nightclubbiz.com, 80% of the sales available in the nightclub industry go only to 20% of the establishments leaving 4 out of 5 nightclub owners struggling to survive.

So what separates these 20% from the rest of the herd? It is not what you think, it is not flashy interiors, it is not the cool and happening DJ and it is not a great location. Albeit location is important, it does not guarantee success. Great locations often have multiple nightclubs in the zone but there are always one or two nightclubs that shine above the others in any entertaining core.

What does make a nightclub successful comes down to one main theme and that is social networking. Long before the web and social media giants like Facebook and LinkedIn came to town, it was bars and nightclubs that ruled the social networking world.

The successful nightclubs and bars know this and work their business model around it. They become the ultimate social network where people have the most access to interacting with new people.

eMatchopolis owner, Theresa Williams recommends a couple steps to improve the nightclub industry:

First, consider the property. When designing a nightclub layout think of multiple paths. You need to create ways for people to walk around comfortably and have the opportunity to meet new people. Allow people to walk in circles inconspicuously by creating a floor plan that supports this. Putting a bar in the middle of the room allows this to happen. A big open room makes it uncomfortable to get up from a table and walk across the room to say hi to someone new. However, if someone needs to walk by someone of interest to go to the restroom it makes it much easier.

Second, consider the experience outside the property. Provide patrons with a secure and private way to meet. Integrating online dating in to the service offerings is a great way to accomplish this. Imagine, seeing someone across a crowded room and knowing you can join the bars own dating site, find that person online and send them a secure and private message saying hello from across the room. eMatchopolis (www.ematchopolis.com) is designed to help nightclubs enhance their social networking capabilities which can help nightclub owners survive and compete in a competitive market.

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