Just4Play, a New Interactive DVD Game, Gets Positive Response

Couples interactive trivia game displayed at Erotica LA Expo, received positive responses from attendees and vendors who played it.

Just4Play, a New Interactive DVD Game, Gets Positive Response
Newton, NJ, July 17, 2007 --(PR.com)-- HFE LLC (www.hfellc.com) displayed its recently released interactive DVD game, Just4Play, at the Erotica LA expo in California where it received a positive response from consumers and other vendors. A demo modified for the expo was on display giving attendees a chance to play the game and to win prizes.

Just4Play made its public debut at WDHA’s “Men’s Expo” in Morristown NJ where attendees were given the opportunity to play a modified version of the game by challenging a model who stripped down to a bikini as challengers answered questions correctly.

Just4Play is an interactive DVD game for couples playable on any standard DVD player. The objective of the game is to earn points by correctly answering sexually related questions in an attempt to score enough points to “buy” an article of clothing from your opponent. If your score drops to zero you are prompted to remove an article of clothing. There are five random question categories: General Trivia, True or False, Strange Sex Laws, Surveys and Positions and “Erotic Challenges” which prompt the player to perform a task. At the start of the game, players select their gender and identify what clothes they have on. The DVD game keeps track of both players’ scores and what clothes they are still wearing. Using over 600 randomly generated questions and over 50 erotic challenges ensures a different game and set of questions every time it is played. Also, since the players select their gender at the start of the game, it can be played by any combination of sexes.

"Just4Play allows for couples to play a suggestive game while being able to remain close together in different settings not having to worry about boards, cards, or playing pieces,” said Tina Holmes, owner of HFE LLC. "We wanted to create a game that has more features than most DVD games currently on the market, while making a fun game for couples to enjoy together. Other ‘adult’ games have suggestions or things that have to be done that some people wouldn’t feel comfortable doing. Our game has the option to accept or decline the challenges, which keeps the game at a comfortable level for both players."

HFE is an interactive DVD game company whose objective is creating the most feature rich and user interactive games possible. HFE has started production on its next interactive DVD game, Sex Challenge, which will be hosted by former Penthouse Pet and Playboy Playmate Dr. Vitoria Zdrok. HolmesFE LLC is headquartered in Newton, New Jersey. Its phone is 973-362-1444.

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