"Given Our Chance" Movie Trailer Released from Alex King of A.K. Film Production and Editing and Izidor Ruckel of Abandoned For Life

The documentary trailer for "Given Our Chance" has been released. Alex King of A.K. Film Production and Editing and Izidor Ruckel of Abandoned for Life/Ruckel International are happy to announce their documentary trailer.

"Given Our Chance" Movie Trailer Released from Alex King of A.K. Film Production and Editing and Izidor Ruckel of Abandoned For Life
San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Romanian Adoptees Alex King and Izidor Ruckel have begun filming on their new documentary, "Given Our Chance".

Alex King, the award winning filmmaker and director and editor of "Born To Be Our Children, Romanian Adoption Stories" has joined forces with Izidor Ruckel author of "Abandoned for Life" and public speaker.

Alex King is a San Francisco Bay Area resident who has received numerous awards for his Filmmaking. Among those awards are a Gold Remi at the Houston Worldfest for Film and Video Production on his documentary "Born To Be Our Children", as well as a Rising Star Award for the same documentary at the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver, BC. Alex has completed films for NASA CIPAIR Project at Canada College, Phi Theta Kappa and The Blind Judo Foundation to name a few. Alex was also honored to win the Shelly Fay Memorial Videography Scholarship from the National Academy of Television Arts and Science, San Francisco/Northern California for his film work which aired on KCSM. Alex was adopted in 1994 from a Romanian orphanage when he was almost six years old.

Izidor Ruckel, who resides in Colorado, authored his biography "Abandoned For Life” in 2003. It is his incredible story of growing up as a Romanian orphan who was hidden from the world. In his own words he describes his life in the orphanage. Izidor is not only a gifted public speaker he is an advocate for adoption. After the Romanian Revolution in 1989, the show 20/20 went into Romania and did a number of shows on the orphan situation. In one of their broadcasts, titled “Take Me To America”, Izidor is one of the children that was seen by the world. From that show, Izidor would be adopted by a couple in California in 1991. Izidor holds down two jobs and still finds time to speak about his book and his life in many venues, from Adoption symposiums to College campuses to Romanian fundraisers. Izidor was adopted from a Romanian orphanage when he was ten years old.

Alex and Izidor were connected by their passion for helping Romanian orphans. Alex read Izidor's book, and Izidor watched Alex's documentary. The two decided that they should join forces to get their story out in hopes of both advocating for adoption, both domestic and international, as well as trying to help those children left behind in Romania. They spoke over the phone for months, and finally met this October.

Alex and Izidor are grateful for being adopted and being given their chance, now they are hoping to make a difference in the world with their documentary.

Alex and Izidor have created a Facebook and Twitter page for the public to follow them on their filming journey. For more information on both Alex and Izidor, or to purchase either Alex’s documentary or Izidors book, please visit their websites, www.akingproduction.com and www.abandonedforlife.com or www.ruckelinternational.com.

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