Announces Solution for Removing Mugshots from is offering a new program for people with mugshot records on Wymoing Arrests and other websites. The firm is helping people delete these mugshot records from the site and all the major search engines.

Denver, CO, February 21, 2013 --( "Mugshot websites often claim that the information they provide is valuable to the communities that are located nearby. Many publications and websites dedicated to publishing this type of information hope that you will see the people posted and not want to get arrested and earn eternal notoriety by joining their ranks. It all sounds upstanding, but people who are targeted by may not feel as though their photos are anything but damaging," says a representative from has a new program that can help.

Currently, provides arrest information for only one county in the entire state: Sweetwater County. According to Sunshine Review, Wyoming has a series of laws that are designed to provide the public with access to documents generated by state agencies. This would mean, essentially, that the laws should encourage all police departments within the state to post information about people they arrest, as the law might encourage them to do so. Once the agencies share information on their own sites, it would be a snap for to copy that information for its own purposes. However, it seems that many Wyoming agencies are choosing not to publish their photos. Natrona County, for example, doesn't seem to have an online database of arrests, and perhaps that's why this county isn't on

People who live within Sweetwater County might not be encouraged to hear that their county is the only one targeted, and this current limitation doesn't mean that won't expand into other counties in the future. That's why chose to act now, developing a tool that could help people who are shown on can offer immediate removal from the mugshot website, and the company can even provide a follow-up campaign that can create a wealth of positive information that can drown out any negative information that might still be online due to the mugshot and/or the arrest. Help begins with just one call, and already multiple people in Wyoming have taken advantage of this service. Find out more at
Gary Bloom