LifeSpan Achieves e-Stewards® Certification at Multiple U.S. Locations

Newton, MA, March 05, 2013 --( LifeSpan, a company specializing in IT asset disposition, secure data destruction, IT remarketing, and electronics recycling, announced today that their facilities in Denver, Tampa, Omaha and San Diego have achieved e-Stewards® Certification. This accomplishment strengthens LifeSpan’s position as a leader in responsible recycling services, environmental protection and international legal compliance.

e-Stewards is a globally accredited, third-party audited certification program developed by the environmental watchdog group Basel Action Network (BAN) with support from other environmental groups and industry leaders. LifeSpan chose to pursue e-Stewards Certification because customers recognize the importance of environmental stewardship and rely on third-party certifications to assure that their Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) vendors meet the highest standards.

“This achievement reflects LifeSpan’s long-term commitment to globally responsible electronics recycling,” said Jim Puckett, Executive Director of BAN.
LifeSpan services large, multi-location, national enterprises such as financial institutions, retailers, defense contractors and health care companies.

LifeSpan’s commitment to environmental compliance and risk minimization for their client is reflected in their attainment of e-Stewards Certification.

The company also holds the R2/RIOS, ISO 14001 and NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) AAA certifications.

“e-Stewards is a market driven and a market leading standard for electronics recycling,” said Dag Adamson, President and founder of LifeSpan. “With the help from the e-Stewards Enterprise program, our customers encouraged us to round out our certification portfolio. We are now among the select few companies in the ITAD industry that has proof of our depth in compliance and sustainability while at the same time, driving the best value for our customers.”

“LifeSpan joins the group of electronics recyclers that can show you where all of their e-waste goes, and that it is processed safely and responsibly,” said Jim Puckett. “They will continually be required to pass the test of being among the most socially and environmentally responsible recyclers on earth. We welcome them.”

For more information, contact:

Cindy Miller

Basel Action Network
Mandy Knudtson
e-Stewards Business Manager

About LifeSpan
Founded in 2002, LifeSpan is a managed services company providing end-of-life data security, IT and electronic asset retirement, and asset remarketing services to enterprises, lease companies, and government and non-profit organizations nationwide. LifeSpan offers organizations the flexibility of handling large quantities of equipment or many locations with a customized program. LifeSpan maintains the highest standards and certifications for data security, environmental protection and ethical business practices. LifeSpan holds additional industry certifications including NAID AAA, ISO 14001, and R2/RIOS. Learn more at our website.

About e-Stewards® Certification
The e-Stewards Certification program, created by the Basel Action Network (BAN), formally recognizes electronic recyclers that adhere to environmentally and socially responsible practices when recovering hazardous electronic materials. It is the first such program backed by environmental organizations and major corporations alike. The accredited third-party audited certification program is supported by the USEPA and is endorsed by Greenpeace USA, the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Electronics Take Back Coalition and 68 other environmental organizations. It has also drawn the public support of major corporate “e-Stewards Enterprises” including Alcoa, Samsung, Bank of America, Capital One Financial Corp. and Wells Fargo.

About Basel Action Network
Founded in 1997, the Basel Action Network is a 501(c)3 charitable organization of the United States, based in Seattle, WA. BAN is the world’s only organization focused on confronting the global environmental justice and economic inefficiency of toxic trade and its devastating impacts. Today BAN serves as the information clearinghouse on the subject of waste trade for journalists, academics, and the general public. Through its investigations, BAN uncovered the tragedy of hazardous electronic waste dumping in developing countries. For more information, see
Cindy Miller