TransGuardian, Inc.
TransGuardian, Inc.

International Gem Tower NY Hosts TransGuardian Patriot Act Seminar for Diamond Industry

New York, NY, June 18, 2013 --( The new International Gem Tower (IGT, at 50 W 47th Street, New York, hosted a full-capacity seminar conducted by TransGuardian, Inc. (

Members of the DDC and IDCA attended the catered event in the model IGT suite on the 18th floor. All attendees entirely completed all elements of their mandatory Patriot Act compliance in a 2.5 hour video presentation with multiple choice computer-graded exams.

"Other seminars on the Patriot Act give you an hour-long speech to explain that you have a problem," said Paul Freedman, Senior Account Manager of TransGuardian. "Our seminars take 2.5 hours and help you get your compliance fully done."

"This was an extremely professional presentation," said attendee Michael Poulad.

"It was very well done," said attendee David Kelaty.

Joe Lipton, an IGT principal, graciously welcomed the group to the Gem Tower. He briefly explained the remaining spaces available for purchase in the attractive, new complex.

"The building is a spectacular and futuristic environment," said Jim Moseley, President/CEO of "We're grateful for the synergy with the IGT, who has the foresight to understand how important it is for the entire gem and jewelry community to comply with anti-money-laundering regulations; and it's more than that; the IGT has the vision to pull together many solutions that our industry will need to thrive and grow in the next century."

"The view out of every window at the IGT is like an IMAX experience of New York," said Madlene Moseley, TransGuardian COO.

TransGuardian will hold regularly scheduled Patriot Act Seminars henceforth, supporting gem and jewelry dealers with an economical, efficient, and informative tool to comply with anti-money-laundering laws and pass IRS audits successfully.
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